As it’s International Women’s Day soon, we thought it was only right to celebrate being women. Which we did by eating cookies and loudly discussing what awesome travelers we make. Discuss.

Table of Contents

1. Women are better at multitaskin

We mean, look at this chick. She can negotiate public transport, juggle multiple luggage options, carry off mad braids AND still pose for a photo. Heroine.

2. Women handle pain better

If you’ve ever woken up in a campsite full of dudes on the third day of the Inca Trail, you’ll understand exactly what we mean. No, you’re not injured, you’re just stiff. Deal with it.

3. Statistically, women will book their trip earlier than men

Which means they get better deals, save more money and can travel for longer.

4. Women are better in a crisis

Imperative for all those all-important travel decisions on the road. Nap or hostel happy hour? HAPPY HOUR, ALWAYS HAPPY HOUR. THE CLUE’S IN THE NAME.

5. Women are proven to be better at foreign languages

Say what now?

6. Women snore less

You’ll thank us for this when you’re in shared dorm-based scenarios.

7. Women are cleaner

See above. However, that Aussie dude’s four day old jocks that have somehow made it onto your bunk bed? Can’t help you with.

8. Women live longer

Which means we have more years to travel. Booyah.

9. Women have less spacial awareness

Doesn’t matter, we’ll get a tuk tuk.

10. Women are also good at making sweeping generalizations about how awesome they are (see above). This has nothing to do with travel, it’s just a fact.

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