With the holidays just around the corner, many of us are probably at the edge of our seats trying to figure out the perfect gift for the travel lovers in our lives. But what do you get the person who lives out of their suitcase and jet-sets from city to city around the world? we’ve compiled a list of the perfect travel gifts sure to make any travel-holic one happy camper! OR you could also be give the gift of travel itself and send one of your loved ones on an epic trip to one of our top destinations. But in the meantime, check out our top 13  gifts for those with a case of wanderlust sure to make you the favorite among your loved ones!

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13 Gift Ideas For The Travel Lovers In Your Life
Top Destinations: Give the gift of adventure and send your loved one on a tour of the hottest cities around the world and help them discover what makes these some of the most incredible places to visit!

Go Pro: Because no one should ever travel without a way to document their epic adventures.

Signature Tote: This one’s for the chic traveler in your life, we mean you ladies! Every girl needs the ultimate travel tote and this one tops the charts for us! A simple leather tote will match any outfit while housing all your must have travel goodies in one place.

iPad Mini: The days of lugging around your travel guides and beach novels have come to an end (for the most part). Fill up your mini with your favorite tv shows to watch on the plane, music, books, city maps, travel guides and anything your heart desires!

Ballpoint & Touchscreen Pen: This funky and functional touchscreen & ballpoint pen is perfect for taking notes & making touch screens easier to navigate. A must for the international traveler who will be needing to fill out their customs forms when re-entering the states.

Scarf: Because packing some sort of shawl or scarf for the plane, train, or bus is essential. A large wrap scarf keeps you warm during cold airplane flights and extra layers can help get you through long travel days. Not to mention, it adds a little something to any outfit!
Headphones: Need we say more?

Travel Journal: The only thing that comes close to what you’ve experienced while travelling is re-living it after. Of course, photos are brilliant for this, but the memories that come flooding back from journal entries are amazing – and sometimes amusing.

Portable Speakers:  Guaranteed to make any traveler the center of any gathering, the most popular person on the train and the recipient of many a song requests. Not to mention, a great way to make friends.

4-in-1 Adapter: Charge everything everywhere = no excuse for not staying in touch!

Cashcard & Travel Insurance: Use a Prepaid STA Travel Mastercard Cashcard worldwide for free transactions over the counter, an online account to manage your money (you can even set yourself a weekly spending limit) and 1000s of discounts worldwide! It’s not linked to a back account, can be cancelled easily if stolen and, best of all, can be topped up from home. Simple! Plus, this card comes equipped with travel insurance to protect your traveler’s gadgets and valuables.

First Aid Kit: For help for nicks and scrapes– medicinal alcohol, this could be the best (well, most useful anyway) gift they get this year.
Thermal Briefs: Good for traveling during those cold winter months, sure to keep your traveler nice and warm!

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