In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d compile a list of things we, as travelers, are thankful for.

Table of Contents

Free wifi

The communal hostel fridge shelf – thanks for the free butter, Dave!


Regularly cleaned showers – no hair-clogged drain!


Large showers with space to actually put your stuff


Bargain flights – at an ungodly hour? Who cares, it’s cheap!


Hostel social event staff – God bless those 2 for 1 drink vouchers!


New, crazy friends who are up for everything!


Free hostel pancakes – saving backpacker hangovers since forever


7-Eleven toasties in Thailand – who needs authentic Thai food when you have ham and cheese goodness?!


Goon – giving traveler’s a good time for under $10


Plugs next to your bunk


English translations on food menus – because being surprised with a chicken head soup is not okay!


Bus seat all to yourself


Ear plugs to drown out the world


In all seriousness, actual travel and learning about other cultures


Think we’ve missed anything out? Tell us what you’ve been thankful for on your travels!

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