Have you ever… Slept sky-high in a crane, stayed nestled amongst the rain forest canopy or maybe you’d rather be closer to the floor in an exquisitely converted cave?  We’ve searched high and low to bring you the most unique places to stay around the world. 

1. Sleep in a plane (firmly on the ground) in Sweden

That’s right, a hostel made from a plane and this one is super cool. Next time you’re in Stockholm, make sure this jumbo jet is on your list.

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2. Sleep in a crane (firmly off the ground) in Amsterdam

Weird and wacky Amsterdam would have a hostel in a crane, wouldn’t they? And it’s why we love them! Anyone with a fear of heights/dangling above the ground, beware!

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3. Sleep in the trees in Peru

Planning an Amazonian adventure? Sleep among the monkeys in your very own treehouse lodge – your friends  will be green with envy at the lush green outside your bedroom window.

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4. Sleep down, down, underground in Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is SO hot, the residents have all given to burrowing underground for shops, restaurants and even hotels and hostels! This quirky little town is one not to be missed.

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5. Sleep in a silo in New Zealand

We never thought we’d say it, but yes, we really want to stay in a silo! This New Zealand offering has got us searching for flights already…

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6. Try sky-high sleeping in a treehouse, Turkey

We really just want to live like Mowgli, but how could we not include this epic treehouse in Turkey – less commentary from us, more eyes on this epic stay.

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7. Sleep in a library in Tokyo

Nestle yourself in between shelves of books at this quaint little library hostel and then get some very epic Instagram pics before a good night’s sleep…

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8. Sleep back to nature in Uruguay  

Artistic with a savage vibe (in the best way), this is a back-to-nature stay that will leave you wanting more.

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9. Sleep locked up overnight in Australia

The look on your face when you tell your mom you spent in a prison will be so worth it (plus, this place is also conveniently super cool too!)

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10. Sleep with the madams in Amsterdam

Ok we’re just going to say this: they let you jump on the beds. We’re SOLD.

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11. Sleep in a salt palace in Bolivia

Feel regal when you tell your squad you’re staying in a Palace. Even cooler, a palace made of salt! This place is super chic and definitely won’t leave you feeling salty.

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12. Sleep in a hotel made of ice in Sweden

Ice, ice babyyy – any excuse to get that line out and we’ll take it. This place is straight outta Narnia and will have your jaw trailing on the floor.

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13. Sleep in a hotel made of sand in Egypt

Feel like the real Lawrence of Arabia with a night in a sand hotel. Just be careful not to huff and puff in case it all falls down (of course we’re joking… we think).

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14. Sleep in a capsule in Hong Kong

These guys are known for their space-saving methods and this capsule hostel is no difference! If you’re claustrophobic, this one isn’t for you…

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15. Sleep in luxury but enjoy an underwater restaurant in Maldives

Ok this one’s cheating, while you won’t get a unique night’s sleep here,  how often can you say you’ve eaten food UNDER WATER!? Watch the fishes as you eat some fish (cruel really) in this epic hotel.

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