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We are two young Australian sisters who threw caution to the wind and set off on an adventure of a lifetime. After saving and planning for a year we took the plunge and began our world travel in January 2016.

We know it can be very overwhelming planning a trip when there are so many incredible places to see and experience, so we have put together a list of the top 20 trips to do in your 20’s to help make your decision a little easier.




From the tops of the Himalayas to the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean, India has something for everyone. Visit one of the New Seven Wonders Of The World – the Taj Mahal, climb a mountain, relax on the beach or get lost in the back streets of Old Delhi. Why not go off the beaten track and check out the produce markets, explore the back waters of Kerla by boat, chill out in Hampi or rough it on a sleeper train whilst getting to know the locals.

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Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

This is one of the most talked about trips at the moment and for good reason! The 40km hike is physically demanding trek but don’t let that put you off. With incredible views along the way and ending at the the stunning Machu Picchu, it will be well worth the hike and the blisters.


Go Explore the Best of the Middle East

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and into another world whilst exploring Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. They are not only jammed packed with history but filled with many exciting things. Make sure you check out the Great Pyramids of Giza, snorkel in the Blue Hole (Dahab), and hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Visit Wadi Rum desert to watch the sunset and wander through Petra in Jordan. Take a stroll on the cotton clouds of Pumakkale, pay your respects at Gallipoli, and drink apple tea in Turkey.


When you think of the Bahamas you picture yourself beachside, right? Why not add a bit of excitement to your beach holiday and throws some pigs into the equation. That’s right, swim in the sun kissed waters with some ever so cute, friendly local pigs.

northern lights

Nomadic Nordic Finland

Norway and Sweden offer a vast array of landscapes ranging from brightly coloured cities to breathtaking National Parks. Take time to get back to nature and truly escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with winter bringing this Nordic wonderland to life. Walk on crystal clear frozen lakes, sleep in an igloo, feed a reindeer, and watch the Northern Lights dance across the night sky.

China - Simon Tupper - Photography Competition 2013 (2)


Ni hao and welcome to this mystical country so seeped in culture and tradition, you can’t help but to feel a little culture shock in amongst the awe. Get as far out of Beijing as possible when going to the Great Wall of China to experience the more peaceful and less unrestored sections. Spend the better part of the day at the terracotta warriors before setting off to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding sanctuary.


Beat the Crowds Italy

Get ready for a sensory treat whilst exploring this romantic country. With a backpack in hand, jump on a train or bus and explore the sun drenched coastline of Naples, the canals of Venice, the rolling hills of Florence, the ancient ruins of Rome, and all thats in-between. Wake up before sunrise to beat the claustrophobic crowds leaving you to experience the romance of this magical country.

Volunteer in Thailand

Want to make a difference on a holiday? Volunteering is a perfect way to do that. Thailand has a wide variety of volunteer projects you can join. You can volunteer to look after stray dogs, help local communities or assist with childcare at an orphanage.



What lies beneath this so called city of love, is something you don’t want to miss. The bright lights of the Eiffel Tower are a stark contrast to the skeleton lined passages of the catacombs that form the foundation of Paris. During the day, climb the Eiffel Tower, hunt for the hunchback of Notre Dame, climb a million stairs to Sacre-Coeur or just roam the stunning streets and riversides. And once night falls it’s time to explore the catacombs.

Lake Louise


There are so many ways to explore and experience Canada! From hiking mountains to swimming with whales in the ocean. Whether you hitchhike it, bike it, road trip or train it be prepared to be in awe of the beauty of the nature and the kindness of the locals. Top spots to visit would be Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies, and of course Niagara Falls.


Road Trip America

Rent a van with a couple of friends and set off on the open road! Drive Route 66, the East Coast or just take off to explore the fascinating and diverse country. Stop at National Parks, get lost, try new activities, talk to locals, and eat exciting new foods.

galapagos twitter

Galápagos Islands

Kick back and relax as you explore the islands of the Galapagos by boat or land. Teeming with wildlife this place will leave you speechless. See ancient tortoises in there natural habitat, bird watch or if you are more of a ocean lover grab your regulator and check out the world under the oceans surface.


With the streets lined with art and full with history this place can keep you going from dawn to dust! Or even dawn the next day with it’s epic clubbing scene. Make sure you walk the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall (East Side Gallery), visit Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Cathedral, and the Jewish Memorial. Whilst you are there go check out a free Street Art walking tour and some delicious speciality restaurants.

Volunteer with Animals in Costa Rica

Want to do something a little different on your next holiday and love animals? Well Costa Rica has you covered with some incredible volunteer programs! Look after baby sloths (yes you read that right!!) or release baby turtles into the ocean.

Adelaide image

Backpack Australia

All you need is a backpack, tent, sleeping bag, and a sense of adventure to embark on an exhilarating trip through the land down under. Sleep under the stars or in hostels whilst you explore the stunning coastlines and unique cities or country towns. Befriend locals to find all the hidden gems and don’t be afraid to get lost!

Base Camp Everest

Nepal Get your hiking boots ready and start training so you can get a glimpse of the worlds highest peaks. This is a physically demanding trek due to the high altitude and hills but is totally worth it. Jump on a tour/guided trek and go for it. Just remember slow and steady wins the race!

Africa - elephant

Africa’s on everyone’s bucket list, and rightly so. Hop in a jeep and try and spot the big five, canoe along hippo infested waters or volunteer at the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa. Don’t worry if you cant fit everything in the first time as it is one of those places that really gets in your blood, making you want to return time after time.


Kayaking through Antarctica

Kayaking through this magical ice land is an experience you’ll never forget. Embrace the solitude as you take in the spectacular views. You might be lucky enough to get up close to a daring wild penguin whilst you paddle through the icy cold water dodging scattered icebergs.

AU TNZ insta 1200x1200 ski

Adrenaline Junkie

New Zealand You’ll learn to fall in love with your harness, as you won’t be out of it for long! This adrenaline filled country will have you thrown out of planes, jumping off bridges, gliding through tree tops and swinging through gorges. Make sure you stop off in Queenstown and get yourself a Fergburger!

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