Singapore stands tall as one of the most unique and fascinating cities in, not only Asia, but the world.

It’s a melting pot of Asian influence, from all corners of the continent, so you know what that means… a huge and wildly varied array of cuisines to choose from and try. Cuisine is taken very seriously in here and but that’s not the only experience to get excited about – everything is an adventure here, even something as simple as a ride on the subway can provide you with a photo opportunity!

Singapore screams indulgence, excess and a damn good time. There’s so much to do in this spectacular city that you may find your budget runs out long before your energy does! Here’s our pick of the top five things to do in this fantastic city-state.


Singapore’s night zoo is a fantastic attraction for animal lovers and the mildly curious alike. Open from 7pm until midnight the Night Zoo is full to the brim of animals that are more active once the sun goes down.


You can view the lions and tigers and bears (oh my) from the comfort of a “safari” truck with live commentary from the zoo keepers, or by wandering around the maze of pathways that snake through the zoo and sometimes even into the enclosures!


You can’t help but imagine the conversation when the architect presented the plans for Marina Bay Sands. “You want to build a boat where?!” But build it they did and the complex – which contains theaters, restaurants, a shopping mall, a massive casino, and a hotel, dominates the skyline.

It’s most distinctive feature is undoubtedly the Sky Park – a massive boat shaped structure that stretches across 3 towers and which even has an infinity pool looking out over the city. The pool itself is reserved for guests but (for a fee) you can take the lift to the top and gaze out over the metropolis below.



An island with three man made beaches, an adventure park and massive aquarium accessed from the mainland by cable car? What more entertainment could you want? How about a Universal Studios? No worries, it’s got one. Seriously.


Compared to the high rises and modernity, China Town can feel a little underwhelming. But here you can catch a glimpse of how Singapore once was in the winding, lantern strewn streets, the tiny dim sum restaurants, the covered markets and the fascinating Chinatown Heritage Center.

The latter is something very special with hands on exhibits and an entire floor that has been reconstructed to look exactly like the cubicles of early Chinese immigrants to Singapore.





Named after Stamford Raffles – a man who wouldn’t look out of place in an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice – this hotel not only a fantastic historical monument but the birthplace of the Singapore Sling.

Sitting under the beautiful waiving fans of the Long Bar, a single cocktail will set you back a whopping £13! If that’s a bit rich for your travelling budget you can console yourself with throwing the shells of your free peanuts all over the floor (actively encouraged) or re-enacting the scene when an escaped circus tiger was found under the billiard table (probably not encouraged).

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