Stuck in a rut? Bored of the routine? Then it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee active tour. We’re all about new adventures here at STA Travel, we keep telling everyone to start one for goodness sake! By going on an active tour you’ll embark on the ultimate adventure. You’ll truly immerse yourself in your surroundings, push yourself to the limit and make some great mates along the way. So come on, break the mould and get some energy back in your life – it’s time to get active!

Here are 5 reasons why you should go on an active tour…

1. You’ll immerse yourself in a destination

Active tours involve hiking, trekking, biking your way around a destination. A trip which involves a multi-sport method of travel, enables you to truly immerse yourself in the location. Hiking up the side of a cliff or rafting down rapids brings you a hell of a lot closer to your surroundings than looking out of a bus window. What’s more, you don’t need to pack any of the gear, on a tour you’ll have an expert guide with you for the entire time and all of the correct equipment is provided. All you need to do is bring your enthusiasm and bags of energy.

2. You’ll push yourself to the limits

By going on an active tour you’ll push yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll have the opportunity to do things that you would never normally do, like trek to the top of Kilimanjaro, zipline through the Amazon jungle or skydive over New Zealand. Stepping outside of your comfort zone helps you grow in confidence, challenges you and makes your trip even more memorable. Those memories will last a life time – as cheesy as that sounds.

3. You’ll find something to suit you

Cycling around Amsterdam
But just because it’s an active trip doesn’t mean you have to go crazy, go at your own pace. You can take a leisurely bike ride through a remote village or if you’re feeling REALLY active climb to Everest Base Camp, the choice is literally yours! Our tours come with their own ‘physical rating’ to help you choose, 5 being the most challenging and 1 being the least. We also let you know what sort of traveler would like it i.e. “for lovers of beer” or “for lovers of road cycling” – definitely not both at the same time! So take your pick and try an active tour on for size.

4. You’ll travel with a support network

Our active tours are made up of small groups averaging around 10 people with a max of about 16. They’re small enough for everyone’s needs to be met and big enough to make some great mates. Most groups will be a mix of fitness levels but the guide and the rest of the group will be there to encourage and support anyone who feels like they can’t keep up. This kind of support is vital when travelling, having that group around you will take the pressure off!

5. You’ll have more time to do exactly what you want

The great thing about doing a tour is that you give yourself more time for activities. By having someone there sorting out all of the train tickets, queue jumps, dinner reservations – things you don’t want to sort out yourself – you free up more time to do exactly what you want to! Queuing for tickets can take a whole day for example and that could be a whole day spent white-water rafting. If you want to get active, do a tour.

Just go for it! What have you got to lose? Get a bit active and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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