So, you are thinking about adding Fiji to your round the world trip? A couple of years ago that is exactly what I was contemplating. It is crazy that an afterthought actually became the ultimate highlight of my four month adventure. Just as my sister encouraged me, I want to return the favour and convince you not to miss out on this tropical paradise…


Beachcomber Fiji
This island is any backpacker’s paradise. It almost feels like you are on an episode of Shipwrecked when you rock up to this tiny jewel that is rightly labelled the ‘party island’ of Fiji. Order the most tropical cocktail, lay on the beach and chill-out before dancing the night away under the stars. Now that is an unmissable experience!

Location: Beachcomber Island Resort – Beachcomber Island

2.Swim with Manta Rays

Never had it been on my list of things to do until I was doing it, but swimming with Manta Rays really was an unbelievable and unforgettable experience. It is difficult to describe what it was like to see these majestic underwater creatures glide towards you. The way they move, their size and the fact you are holding your breath one gulp at a time to stay under for as long as possible, makes it an almost dreamlike encounter.

Location: Manta Ray Resort – Mantaray Island

3.Sunset Tube Cruise

Picture this: You and your travel buddies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on rubber dingys, a cold beer in hand bobbing to some chilled tunes watching the sun setting. This is one of the most distinctive memories of my trip, a proper ‘I am on the other side of the world’ moment. There was also a lot of dive bombing off the boat – and that is always fun!

Location: Manta Ray Resort – Mantaray Island


What I LOVED about snorkelling in Fiji is that you could do it from the beach and you still saw so many fish and so many colourful corals. Just pop on a snorkel and you are good to go! Whilst this is great, it is cool to go on a daytrip to some of the prime underwater spots. I did an afternoon trip to the Blue Lagoon and was not left disappointed. The water is SO clear, the coral so bright and plenty of beautiful fishys. Be sure to bring an underwater camera!

Location: Safe Landing Resort – Nacula Island

5.Sabeto Hot Springs & Mud pool

It is more than likely you will have a night or two on the main Island. It may not be as appealing as the smaller sandy jewels but there is still so much to do! For a cheap, and in my opinion, better alternative to a 5 Star spa day head to Sabeto Hot Springs & Mud pools. Not only is it great fun to get down and dirty, you will also come out feeling silky smooth. Plus it is a great photoshoot opportunity, and that is always a bonus!

Location: Main Island (Viti Levu) – Nadi

I hope I have convinced you to add on Fiji to your round the world trip. If I haven’t, then please just google image Fijian Islands…If that doesn’t work then maybe paradise isn’t for you! Want to experience everything I have and more, then check out our Fiji Adventures offer!

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