Beaches that go on for miles, the sound of waves and untouched sand. Paradise! Thousands of islands dot our oceans and seas, and the best of the best surround the Philippines. So, close your eyes and picture your dream paradise island. We’re willing to bet you a round of piña coladas that you just imagined one on the list of our top 6! Which one is calling for you?

1. Boracay

Famed for its postcard-perfect beaches, dreamy beach resorts and mystical caves.
Also, if you’re new to diving, do not fear… This is the place to head to dive school.
You’ll be a pro in no time!

2. Bohol

Two things you need to know about Bohol…
1: Be prepared for a cuteness overload when you meet the bug-eyed tarsiers!
2: The majestic Chocolate Hills are an unforgettable tasty treat for your eyes!

3. El Nido

Q: What is better than an amazing beach?
A: Several amazing SECRET and HIDDEN beaches!
Also, add Helicopter Island to your ‘To do’ list and don’t forget your snorkel!

4. Puerto Galera

Ready for some epic tropical scenery? PG is home to some of the most diverse coral reef diving in Asia.
Also, FUN FACT… In 2005, Puerto Galera was awarded “The Most Beautiful Bay in the World” by UNESCO. Can’t be bad!

5. Palawan

Stretching across the South China Sea all the way to Borneo, Palawan in the Philippines is every island hopper’s dream destination. Its white sandy beaches, world-famous scuba diving and otherworldly national parks are only a handful of the things that make this part of Asia a paradise. Dive in!

6. Coron island

Beautiful crystal-clear waters (evidence above!) Coron’s primary attractions include Lake Kayangan and Lake Barracuda. Para, para… PARADISE!

Phili-KEEN? We don’t blame you, we are also very susceptible to amazing beaches, great weather and crystal clear waters too!
If you can’t pick just one, don’t stress… you can always island hop. Check out the amazing deals here.



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