If there’s one thing we do right, it’s food. Whether you’re after a massive sloppy joe dripping in grease, clean living vegan delights or anything in between, there’s a place out there for you. Where you ask? Oh read on hungry travelers, read on.

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Many of Portland’s 100s of food carts are grouped in “pods” making it easy to visit several at a time. Notable hubs include Alder Street and 5th Ave, which boast such classics as The Frying Scotsman and Grilled Cheese Grill. If Indian food is your thing, make a b-line for Tiffin Asha for amazing Dosa and Sambar amongst a whole host of other deliciousness. Is it food time yet?


New Orleans

Last year, The Big Easy was named the Hottest Food City in America by an extremely scientific article*. This city takes their food trucks so seriously, there’s even a tracking app so you can follow your favorites around town! Taceaux Loceaux is popular with locals and tourists alike (though get there early if you don’t want to wait an hour for your food), while the menu at the King Creole Food Truck features classics like “Blackened pork chop with sweet bourbon glaze over dirty rice with Turnip Slaw”. We’re on our way.

* article was probably not scientific

New York

Another city with a dedicated food truck tracker app – the variety of choice on the New York scene is quite frankly a little overwhelming. Our pick of the bunch includes Korilla bbq (so popular it now has a brick and mortar establishment as well as trucks),  Bian Dang for amazing Taiwanese food, The Cinnamon Snail for scrumptious food you’d never believe was vegan, and Wafels & Dinges for when nothing but a massive waffle smothered in dulce de leche and nutella will do. Which is always.



The City of Angels has a long history of Taco Trucks, and there are still great options in this area with Taco Zone and El Matador serving up prime offerings. For something a little different check out Toasted for delights like bbq brisket toast, and Tokyo Doggie Style for Japanese food with a twist such as the bacon wrapped Hawaiian style terrier-ki dog. Seriously, can we eat now?


Austin Texas

Austin may primarily be known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”, but its food scene is starting to garner some attention. Amongst its 1000+ food trucks (yep, 1000) some stand-outs include Chi’lantro for Korean-Mexican deliciousness, Biscuits and Groovy for proper southern chow, Coolhaus for sweet delights and Lard Have Mercy because the name is damn cool.


Washington DC

There may not be quite the proliferation of mobile eateries in DC as, say Austin (who are just greedy if you ask us) but the nation’s capital doesn’t disappoint with the quality of food on offer. If you’re feeling extravagant, Red Hook Lobster Pound serves, well, lobster. Really good lobster.


If you’re a little more strapped for cash the Far East Taco Grille is cheap and delicious, and be sure to stop by Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats for the Red velvet doughnut sandwich. Why? Did you not just read the words Red velvet doughnut sandwich?

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