Traveling is a time for people to have a little fun, let loose and be blissfully happy! But you should also take some precautions into consideration when venturing abroad to make sure that your adventure always remains a safe one, check out some of our travel safety tips below:

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  1. Travel in Groups. Even if you leave your hotel for a short period, always go with at least one friend. Not only are you less likely to face an unfavorable situation, you will have someone with you to get help if there is an incident.
  2. Keep an eye on your stuff. Don’t leave your backpack or luggage unattended or with a stranger. Not only will this help make sure your possessions aren’t stolen, it will also prevent items from being placed in your bags.
  3. Don’t show off your valuables. You don’t want to invite any trouble by showing off your newest digital gadget. The same goes with money and ID. Leave a copy of your license, passport, and credit cards with your parents and hide a second set of copies in your backpack or hotel safe.
  4. Drink Responsibly. Traveling is a time to have fun, but bad things can happen when you drink too much. Avoid drinking excessively and make sure not to leave your cup unattended so it can’t be tampered with.
  5. Party Responsibly. Go to parties with your friends and leave with your friends. Don’t accept drinks, rides or leave a party with strangers. Being responsible for yourself is the best thing you can do to make sure you have a safe trip.
  6. Use Common Sense When Exploring.  Just as you would at home, use good judgment and stick to areas with other travelers. Avoid locations that are deemed unsafe or deserted unless you’re traveling in a group.


And don’t forget to leave a copy of your travel itinerary, identification materials and contact information with family members and friends before you leave if something should happen during your trip!

–  Happy Travels!

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