O Canada! We love you and we love you even more on a Friday. It’s a country jam packed full of adrenaline sports, the world’s best ski & snowboard festivals, lush beaches, fantastic spots to grab a bite to eat and some of the most spectacular landscape in the world.

So let’s take a look at what Canada has got in store and really give yourself that Friday Feeling!


“Connect with nature, not just your smartphone this weekend at Castle Mountain in Alberta.”


“Takes a ride down the Terrasse Dufferin’s Toboggan slide in Quebec City (with the Chateau Frontenac in the background). Who’s up for a slide?”


“We love the energy that street art brings to our cities. Thanks to @thomas_k for snapping this shot while in Toronto.”


“Monday morning, here’s what we’re dreaming of… With whom would you like to share this panorama? Idyllic photo of Wolf Lake, Ontario, thanks to @robnelson4.”


“Wild rivers should never be tamed.” Words of wisdom by @chrisburkard, the photographer behind this picture of Ethan Begley kayaking down the Athabasca River.”


“Fall days like these give us wings. There’s still some time left to soak in the fall colours, get out there! Photo by @mrdanielhan.”


“A sunset at Wakaw Lake, Saskatchewan, promises serenity and happiness. Photo by @thatishbray #exploresask Wakaw Lake, Saskatchewan.”

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