Thinking of heading to see what Great Britain has to offer? Before you do you should really consider these 7 reasons NOT to go. But if stunning scenery, fresh seaside air, vibrant buzz of cities mixed with enough attractions to make sure you aren’t thinking of things to do are your thing then sure, go for it!

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1. You’ll not be able to find anything that comes close to the countryside in the UK, so why depress yourself by visiting and then having to take yourself away?

2. The seaside air will make you feel so fresh and relaxed, but when you return home the stress of work and stuffy air will be too much. You don’t miss what you never had, right?

3. Fish ‘n’ chips is only done right in the UK, no matter what anyone says. You’ll crave them all the time and not be able to satisfy your craving, and that’s just cruel.

4. The vibrant buzz of city life in the UK will pale in comparison to back home, and your friends will just start getting annoyed when you start pining for it.

5. If you visit any of the dungeon attractions across the UK, all other types of history will seem incredibly boring – best not put yourself through that.

6. The atmosphere at soccer games is so incredible and lively, but soccer at home isn’t so popular. Why feel the downgrade in comparison when you could just miss out instead?

7. The country is full of beautiful World Heritage Sites and you’ll be spoiled for choice. When you return home you won’t be, and that just seems like an unnecessary heartache to put yourself through.

See! It’s absolutely dreadful. Thank goodness you read this blog before you did anything hasty. But if for some crazy reason you are still tempted to make your own #OMGB moments, we’re just going to leave this here.

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