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Since STA Travel is headquartered in Dallas, Texas we love love love to explore our massive backyard. Recently, we were hit with a wanderlust itch and knew it was time for a road trip. We wanted something uniquely Texas, something fun and something unexpected so the answer was easy, Marfa!  

Some of us at STA Travel are absolutely nuts about all things contemporary art and Marfa, being known as the mecca for contemporary artists such as the likes of Donald Judd, Dan Flavin and John Chamberlain, was a no-brainer for our next STA Travel road trip.  And while the drive was a bit longer than we would’ve liked (8 hours from Dallas!), we can’t stress this enough, it’s totally worth it. 

Marfa is the kind of small town where everyone knows each other, so you’ll definitely stand out as a tourist, but don’t worry… everyone you meet in Marfa is super friendly (it is a small Texas town, after-all.).  We had heard lots of stories of visitors making friends with each other on their trip (probably because we’re all so easy to spot!). This was definitely the case for us, while enjoying some of the most incredible burgers we’ve tasted and drinking a cold Shiner (of course!) at Padre’s,  we met a couple who had traveled from Minneapolis all the way to Marfa for the same reasons we have. We immediately joined tables and talked about everything and anything and nothing at all. 

Marfa is one of America’s truly unique places, high art mixes with a true west Texas landscape (think big skies, wide angles and tumbleweeds). Before we get to where to stay, eat and play on your trip, our friends at Levi’s Levi’s® have curated the perfect outfit for your Marfa adventure. Check it out!


  • What To Wear
  • Things To Do
  • Where To Stay





You’ll need to rock a super laid back yet stylish look while in Marfa, we recommend this Levi’s graphic tank top. It’s a bit of rock and it’s ready to roll. Plus, it pairs perfectly with Levi’s® 501® shorts. Tie it all together with a trucker vest that’s designed to shred. This will pull your outfit together and get you ready for your new adventure.      

    Guys also have to keep it classy in Marfa. Rock a pair of these modern tie-dye shorts that are perfect for any party in the desert. Now, we couldn’t let you go to Texas without the proper classic western shirt with short sleeves perfect for warmer weather. Or, you can keep it simple with a graphic tee made to look (and feel) perfectly worn in.

Remember when we said that Marfa visitors tend to make new friends on their trip? it happened to us, not once, but twice! While on our trip, we made friends with Kim,  author of the blog Traveling Kim, who agreed to help us put together the ultimate 72 hours in Marfa itinerary. 



  • Prada Marfa Store: While this looks and feels like a real Prada Store, it’s actually a permanently installed sculpture by artists Elgreen and Dragset who called the work a “pop architectural land art project”. You may have seen pictures floating around of Beyonce in front of this piece, now it’s your turn to take your own Prada Marfa shot in front of this baby!

  • Chinati Foundation: Hours and days vary so we recommend calling ahead. We did the guided tour which I’m typically against but this is a must. You’ll get to see all the closed galleries and get a real understanding of why Marfa is called the mecca of contemporary art.  There are two guided tours. The Selections Tour and The Full Collection Tour. We did the Selections Tour and it was more than enough for us! It included the whole gang: Donald Judd, Dan Flavin & John Chamberlain.
    • TIP: Take comfy and closed toe shoes, there’s lots of walking.
  • Marfa Contemporary:  This is a the place to go for contemporary exhibitions, regional, national and international art. And better yet, it’s ALL FREE!
  • Ballroom Marfa:  Rolling exhibits on visual arts, music and film.
    • TIP: Don’t leave the camera at home.
  • Courthouse: Take the stairs to the cupola to take in the beautiful 360-degree panorama of the breathtaking desert.
  • Marfa Recording Co: in case you want to make an album.
  • Marfa Public Radio: The staff is wonderful and if they see you’re an outsider they’ll let you check out the installations.
  • Marfa Mystery Lights: They usually come out on US Route 67.
 Photo Credit: Traveling Kim


  • Wrong Marfa: As they state on their website, get it right at the wrong store in Marfa, TX as you’re bound to find some cool and weird sh!t here!
  • Marfa Book Co: They have an amazing selections and variety of books. If you love to read, this will be your heaven.
  • Cobra Rock Boot Company: If you like quality shoes this is the perfect store for you.


  • Food Shark:  Make sure to make it happen! And after that order a marfalafel with hummus obvi, duh!
    • TIP: Ca$h only.
  • Future Shark: Order anything with hummus and drink beer. The End. Make sure to check the artsy TV display at night when it’s closed, it’s an amazing installation. It’s so magical our cameras were not able to grasp the essence at all, therefore you gotta go see it.
  • Museum of Electric Wonders & Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour: The name pretty much says it all, it’s a must!
    • TIP: Ca$h only.
  • Padre’s: Eat handsome burgers here. They have games, make sure to play. Drinks may be a little pricey for being West Texas, but if you can make it roll, then go ahead. They have shows from time to time, so make sure to check their calendar.
  • Pizza Foundation: Friday-Sunday 1:00PM-when dough goes out. This is a must.
  • Planet Marfa: I didn’t get a chance to check out the tepee inside this bar. Please go for me.
  • Lost Horse Saloon: Do it and come back and tell us about it.
  • Frama: The coffee/ice-cream shop is inside Tumbleweed Laundry Service. It’ll make a great scenario for pictures if you like to mix ice-cream and laundry. Or if you really need to do laundry while updating your Tumblr account. Thank you WiFi.
 Photo Credit: Traveling Kim


Photo Credit: Traveling Kim


El Cosmico

  • Choose your accommodation: trailers ($120-$170), tepees ($80-$85), safari tents ($65-$75)
  • Amenities: lounge, bathhouse, hammocks, outdoors communal spaces with kitchen and dining table, and bikes and hot tubs for rental.
    • TIP 1: Lobby hours Sunday-Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 8am-10pm; if you’re not able to make it before call them at (432) 729-1950; they’ll leave you your key in an envelope outside their lobby door.
    • TIP 2: There’s no Wi-Fi on the accommodations site and that’s with the intention of you disconnecting a little bit from your virtual life; WiFi is available in the lounge.
  • Do’s: have lots of fun, there’s no A/C nor furnace, therefore either sleep naked in the summer or bring extra clothes and warm socks in the winter.
  • Dont’s: Play loud music after 11PM, drink alcohol outside, and don’t be narrow-minded.

The Thunderbird

  • Minimalist yet cozy rooms with very nice bathrooms ($120-$200).
  • Amenities: swimming pool, lounge, Wi-Fi in your room; also bikes, typewriters and vinyls for rental.
  • Super friendly staff.

Photo Credit: Traveling Kim

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