The canals, the flowers, and how can we forget the culture…. A’dam as the locals call it, is one of those cities that once you go you get it. Our advice? Once you’ve taken a boat ride through the canals and experienced one of the many coffee shops in the city, take a bike stroll through the Red Light District and see what all the fuss is about.

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Canal Tour – No visit to Amsterdam is complete without a breathtaking tour through the canals. Take in the monumental architecture that lines the Canal Belt, definitely an experience to remember. If these canals could speak, the stories they ‘d tell!

Stop and smell the flowers – Let’s be honest. Everyone loves flowers…or every girl loves flowers, rather. Well ladies, if your man is not pulling his weight in the flower department, don’t fret because we know how to get your flower fix. All you need is a little visit to Amsterdam. And guys, take your girl on a trip to the city of tulips – trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

Amsterdam and its eclectic coffee shops– After roaming through the canals, hop off your boat and into one of the many coffee shops of this ultra chill city and experience the coffee culture of Amsterdam.

Bikes galore – Amsterdammers are notorious for their bikes and no trip to Amsterdam is complete without attempting to cycle around the city. Bike rentals are a dime a dozen here, so grab a bike and get lost in the labyrinth of streets and canals while taking in the stunning architecture, crowded cafes and lively culture. But make sure to bring a map, we still want you to be able to find your way back!

Pub Crawl – Do you like to party? Ya, we thought so! For a taste of the best nightlife Amsterdam has to offer, step into some of Amsterdam’s best local bars and nightclubs with our very own Amsterdam Pub Crawl and meet other travelers along the way.


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