Meet Paige Marindell, one of the two ladies, who won the ASOS “Around The World” internship. Over the next few weeks,  Paige will be traveling around the world to visit all the ASOS headquarters along with the second winner of the internship, Shahbano. Paige and Shahbano will visit New York, London, Berlin, Lille, Sydney and Shanghai. Follow their journey here as they travel the world with STA Travel.

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Week 2: London

Paige and Shahbano

We arrived in London from New York on June 15 around 7 p.m., once we made it through customs and found our driver, we settled in at Thistle Euston hotel near Camden. The hotel was quaint and so close to work, with a wonderful breakfast every morning. Our first full day in London was spent with our wonderful tour guide on the STA Travel Stonehenge, Windsor & Bath tour, gallivanting across London to see the sights. During our 13-hour tour, we saw Hampton Court Palace (where Henry the VIII and his many wives lived), Stonehenge and the city of Bath where the Roman Bath’s are preserved.

Hampton Court Palace

Paige at Hampton Court Palace

Paige at Stonehenge

We were faced with jetlag, but had the best time exploring. Pete was so wise and we learned so much from each place we stopped. The palace was intricate and awe-inspiring, Stonehenge left us questioning how men and women back in the day were even able to assemble the ring of standing stones, and the Roman Baths were incredibility well preserved, which gave us the chance to picture the activity that happened there during the late 1800s. The rest of the week we spent our days in the ASOS Headquarters, which was even better than I had imagined it. I fell even more in love with the office, company and people because of how genuine everyone truly was. We met with over 20 departments, and even more people. Learned the backgrounds of their daily tasks, who they were as people, and also received hands-on experience through tasks we were challenged to. Our two mentors, Georgina and Katrina (marketing assistants) were the most amazing leaders throughout the week, and we thank them for arranging our schedules and always being on top of who we were meeting with next.

ASOS London Headquarters

During the evenings and the weekend, we spent time exploring the city of London! A friend and I visited Gordon’s Wine Cellar one evening – a spot I fell in love with. The Wine Bar has both an outdoor and indoor area, but the wait for an indoor table is worth it. Lit by candlelight this romantic spot is a perfect for catching up with friends or sharing a date with a loved one. We also spent time Friday riding the London Eye, enjoying a meal outside in honor of the perfect weather, and visiting Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Saturday we ventured to Borough Market (which we LOVED), crossed the Tower Bridge & Millennium Bridge, and saw my favorite Rothko and Picasso pieces at the Tate Modern museum. We packed so much into the seven days we were in London, but I already can’t wait to be back, still so much left to see and experience in that incredible city! Cheers! Now onto a week in Lille and Paris, France! Au revoir!

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