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Started planning your Euro trip yet? If not then what the heck are you waiting for? One thing we can be sure of is Italy should definitely be top of your travel to-dos this summer. This beautiful country has it all, from dazzling cities to beautiful beaches. So many places to visit and foods to try, it can be hard to know where to begin. Not to worry, we have made you a list (everybody loves a good list!) of things in Northern Italy that you simply cannot miss, some of which you won’t have even thought of.

Experience the Nightlife in Milan

Start your Italian adventure in Milan the fashion capital, where you’re guaranteed a party. Milan is the home of the Aperitivo, which basically means you buy a cocktail at happy hour and get to eat for free. (Yes, you read that correctly. Free!) Head to the Navigli Canal for vibrant atmosphere, cheap drinks and live music. Don’t want the night to end? Go Dirty Dancing at Club Haus 80’s for the cheesiest party in town. On Fridays 80’s music is king, with a different theme every week, Saturday invites international guest DJ’s to keep you dancing until the sun come up.

Get around by Gondola in Venice

A short train journey from Milan you will find one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Leave reality behind and relax into the leisurely pace of Venice. Experience this magical city in true Venetian style with a Gondola ride along the Grand Canal. If you thought Venice was enchanting during the day, then wait ‘till you see it at night! It is a bit pricier to travel by Gondola in the evening, at €100 for a maximum of 6 people it’s better to go in a group. If you’re travelling on a shoestring then you can hop aboard a ‘traghetto da parade’ for just €4 instead. A traghetto is a large gondola which crosses the Grand Canal, so you can get the gondola experience without breaking the bank!

Explore the Beaches of Elba


Elba is one of Italy’s best kept secrets, a beach bum’s heaven. If the crowded Italian cities have left you in need of some island life then this picture perfect island is the place to be. With over 70 beaches to choose from you can explore a different one every day. Get the ferry from Piombino port to Cavo for around €10 and in just 18 short minutes you will find yourself in an island paradise. We recommend getting an ELBACARD bus pass for just €7 so you can make the most of all the beaches! Before you get stuck in why not check out Mistral Café for the best pizza on the island! Enjoy the scenery at Cavo port while you chow down for €8 and sip a liquorice mojito. If you’re looking to go all out with a glam beach resort there are plenty of hotels scattered around the coast, all boasting gorgeous views and pool-side relaxation. Although there aren’t many hostels on the island there are plenty of cosy little apartments to rent through Airbnb. From the white cliffs of Capo Bianco to the turquoise waters of Sansone you will never run out of beautiful views. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bathing suit and dive in!

Relax in the Hot Springs in Tuscany

Thought Tuscany was just endless rolling green hills? Think again. It is also home to multiple natural thermal pools. Move over Blue Lagoon, there’s a new spring in town! If you’re looking for something a bit more off the beaten track take a day trip over to Saturnia, a small medieval town in an area known as Maremma, which overlooks the famous thermal baths. For centuries people from all over Tuscany have come to relax in the steamy sulphuric water fresh from the natural hot springs, and enjoy the scenery. What better way to pamper yourself after all the travelling you’ve done?

How good does that sound? We’re all packing our bags and heading to Italy this summer!

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