$49. That’s a decent amount of money. You can get a round of drinks in NYC or 6 take-aways or 10 bottles of wine OR a Round the World trip with us! Yes, it’s only $49 to secure flights to your dream destination AND you can pay off the rest later! Still not convinced? How else would you spend this money?

49 Sweets

With $49 you can get 49 packs of sweets, lollies or chocolates. YUM. But you’ll be feeling very sick afterwards. Feel less sick and more excited by securing your dream trip.

20 Coffees

Give up your daily coffee fix for just one month and you could be jetting off on your next big adventure!

10 Bottles of wine

Avoid a brutal hangover and spend $49 topping up your tan instead of your wine glass!

6 Take-aways

Ordering online = No washing up. BUT, brave dipping your hands in the sink for a week or two and you could save enough to dip your toes into a new ocean!

4 Cinema tickets

Would you rather be sat in a dark room with a bunch of strangers eating popcorn or sat on a plane on your way to paradise? We know which one we’d choose…

1 round of drinks in New York

Don’t offer to buy a round of drinks in New York. Ever. Treat yourself, instead of your friends and secure your next trip for just $49. Go on, you know you want to…

So there you have it! $49 goes a little bit further than you think… check out our trips that are eligible for the deposit scheme. Happy holidays everyone!

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