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18 days

For ambitious travellers on a tight budget who are after an experience full of the very best this country has to offer, this tour showcases the scenic wonders without missing its most famous cities and sites. Walk back in time along the Great Wall then see the future in Shanghai. Our CEOs will help you dig deeper into the very best of China. Offering a great deal of flexibility, our optional activities allow you to go beyond the highlights.
  • Day 1 Beijing

    As fellow group members will be arriving throughout the day there are no planed activities until the group meeting at 1800hrs, followed by dinner. On arrival please check the notice board in the hotel entrance for details of the time and place of the meeting.

  • Day 2-4 Beijing

    China’s capital is a city on a grand scale – vast expanses of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall – and a city of incredible sights, shopping, food and entertainment.The back-street hutongs, packed full of local shops and restaurants are a world away from the imperial splendors, but also part of this energetic city. On the morning of Day 2 we will take a bus out to the Great Wall of China where you’ll have free time to walk along the wall. In the evening of Day 4, we will board an overnight train to Shanghai (approximately 16.5hrs). Train is your main mode of transport in China and a great way to travel.

  • Day 5-7 Shanghai

    Shanghai is China’s largest and most dynamic city where new sky scrapers clash with the traditional architecture of the Bund. Arrive at noon and take a stroll along the Bund, with its spectacular array of art deco-style buildings or go across the river where you can take in the sights of Pudong – a modern financial centre – with its amazing skyscrapers. Explore the busy Yu Yuan Bazaar, the French Concession, or shop ’til you drop in China’s hippest stores! There is enough to see in the impressive Shanghai Museum to spend half, if not a whole, day exploring. It houses one of the best collections of Chinese bronze and artwork. Visit the Museum or take in the acrobatics. On Day 7 we take an overnight train to Xi’an (approximately 18hrs).

  • Day 8-9 Xi’an

    This ancient city, the capital of China for many years is home to one of The Middle Kingdom’s greatest archaeological treasures – the Terracotta Warriors – and some of the best market food in the country. Spend almost two full days exploring the active Muslim Quarter and its serene Great Mosque as well as the exotic local street food stalls and the majestic Ming Dynasty City Wall.

  • Day 10-13 Three Gorges

    On Day 10 we take a day train to the Three Gorges (approximately 14hrs). Both an inspiration to generations of painters and poets and a source of international controversy. The Three Gorges remains one of the world’s natural scenic wonders while the massive Three Gorges Dam is an incredible feat of modern technology. Spend two days travelling along the Yangtze by boat, through the Three Gorges, stopping at various sites en-route. Depending on the season, water level and boat availability we may experience the Three Gorges of the Yangzi river by overnight accommodation on a boat or accommodation in the less visited town of Fengjie coupled riverside exploration and a day cruise. When staying on a boat cabins are clean, twin share with private toilet and shower facilities, but not luxurious. There are basic Chinese food available in the restaurant on board. On Day 13, we will take an overnight train (approximately 17hrs) to Guilin and transfer to a local public bus for the 1½ hour journey to the small country town of Yangshuo.

  • Day 14-16 Yangshuo

    Discover the village life surrounding the spectacular karst hills, river scenery and green paddy fields in one of China’s best known scenic spots. Arrive in Guilin in the early morning and transfer to a local public bus for the 1½ hour journey to the small country town of Yangshuo. The Li River and the limestone karst mountains interspersed with picturesque riverside villages and markets make this area perhaps the best known scenic attraction in China. On Day 16 we take an afternoon bus to Guilin train station for the overnight train to Shenzhen and transfer to KCR train to Hong Kong (approximately 15hrs).

  • Day 17 Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is one of the world’s most fascinating, vibrant and impressively situated cities – it boasts a unbeatable array of cultural sights, shopping, fabulous restaurants and atmosphere galore.

  • Day 18 Hong Kong

    Depart at any time.

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