Those who suffer from an incurable case of wanderlust can be famously hard to buy for when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. They’re likely to want flight tickets, weekends in new places, or even just a bit of money to put towards their next adventure over anything material. And besides – if we can’t fit it in our backpack, we ain’t taking it with us.

Here at STA Travel, we firmly believe that filling your life with amazing experiences instead material possessions is the key to happiness, but when it comes to Christmas, we understand you want your travel-obsessed brother/friend/significant other to have something physical to open under the tree. Here’s some ideas…


A backpack

Fjallraven’s iconic Kanken backpacks have been donning the coolest Scandinavian camper’s backs since the seventies. They’re perfect for weekends spent exploring cities and are the perfect size to fit laptops in.



Need something bigger for an extended trip around the world? There’s always the trusty Herschel – for those back to the camera, amazing landscape shots they’ll be ‘gramming.


Olloclip lens for iPhone

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Gone are the days when you needed a fancy Nikon with four different kinds of lenses to be a totally awesome travel photographer. These $80 accessories have micro and macro lenses ready to be slid onto your iPhone – so you can capture and share amazing panoramas and really tall buildings, waterfalls and mountains instantly. Buy one here.



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If you’re shopping for your camping-crazed dad or that one nature loving friend who’s happiest out in the sticks, we recommend Cabin Porn – a scrapbook turned hugely successful Tumblr, turned Instagram, turned coffee table book.


St Christopher pendent

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Historically known by Christians as the Patron Saint of Travel, you might recognise this dude from your nan’s car. But guys don’t have to be particularly religious to wear one of these – they look awesome and are hands down a failsafe gift for anyone heading off on an adventure. Click the link above to buy our favourite, or have a rummage in your nearest antiques market.


Planet Earth II box set


Lizard vs. Snake, lioness vs. giraffe… and that sloth who decided he was a mermaid = THE BEST TV IN HISTORY. Our hangover days got a whole lot better since the new season of BBC’s Planet Earth came to our screens. Sir David Atteborough, we salute you.


Personalised playing cards

Travelers need cards – so why not make sure each one of the 52 is emblazoned with a different snap of his travel triumphs?
Us travel-obsessed lot in STA Travel HQ have as much fun customising each of these playing cards as the recipient has always had opening them and rifling through for the first time.
Disclaimer: we won’t be held responsible for any never-ending card games. Each card is a sure-fire distraction. Queen of spades? Ah… Machu Picchu. Seven of hearts? There’s me outside the Taj Mahal… *sigh!*
You can upload photos and order them to your door, here.


Scratch the World

Is he an obsessive passport stamp collector? Enter his new toy. Scratch maps are seriously addictive. We recommend a large one like this one from Maps International as its less fiddly to scratch off all of this tiny, obscure countries you’ve conquered over the years.


A festival ticket

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The 2018 festival calendar is filling up fast, and if he’s heading to Europe at any point… well, let’s just say his adventure wouldn’t be complete without at least one European festival experience. We’ve teamed up with FestTicket to bring all of the earlybird discounted tickets to you.
EXIT in Serbia brings a mishmash of techno, rock and everything in between to thousands of revellers inside an old fort complex, Secret Solstice sees three days of non-stop music amidst Iceland’s dreamy landscapes (spoiler: the sun literally doesn’t set), and October means only one thing: Oktoberfest in Germany!


A hammock

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Those who’ve traveled anywhere tropical have been there – sat on a cushion on the floor waiting patiently, staring longingly at those lucky to have bagged a beach hammock to swing out their hangover under the swaying palms… Solution? Bring your own!
These hammocks also have a more practical purpose too – they’ll save him heaps of cash!


Get musical


If he isn’t already signed up with a Spotify premium account, get him an annual membership here and curate him a roadtrip playlist or two to listen to.

These Betron speakers are compact and affordable, and run off Bluetooth. Portable speakers and a Spotify playlist in a hostel dorm full of backpackers keen on a party? Instant friend magnet.


Of course, travel does = the best gift ever. You can search our flights and tours and lock one in for him with just a $49 deposit! Happy gift hunting. 

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