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Tour style – Active & Adrenaline, Wildlife & Nature, Culture & History, Chill out & Beach

8 days

From Istanbul, where Asia meets Europe, your journey begins. We trace the steps of the ancient Greeks, all the way to Athens where their culture was born. We really get off the beaten track through Albania and Montenegro with its awesome scenic coast to Croatia. This immense trek straddles two continents and touches on many cultures, old and new.
  • Itinerary

    Day 1: Istanbul to Thessaloniki It’s time to leave Istanbul and enter beautiful Greece. On the way to Thessaloniki we pop into Kavala to see a grand old Roman aqueduct. You’re probably starting to get excited by this point, because the destination today is not only the birthplace of Alexander the great, but is also famous for some of the best food and nightlife that Greece has to offer.
    Day 2: Thessaloniki to Meteora to Athens We head to Meteora, a unique and enchanting place. Monasteries elevated by otherworldly sandstone pillars. This is a serious UNESCO site; an inspiration to the Game of Thrones and a location for James Bond film ‘For Your Eyes  Only’. After being awe-struck by the history we move on to Athens and enjoy the evening with some tasty Greek delights.
    Day 3: Athens A day to delve into the great Greek capital. Classical Athens was a hotbed of culture and has had a huge influence on western civilisation. The wonder-inducing temples never fail to fascinate, and a visit to the Acropolis is an absolute must. During the day there is an optional walking tour, and in the evening we mingle over dinner and drinks on a roof-top bar.
    Day 4: Athens to Parga The travelling continues. We head north to Parga, a coastal town renowned for beautiful ancient buildings and stunning beaches. We arrive in the afternoon so there’s plenty of time for you to explore, play on the beaches and enjoy the party scene.
    Day 5: Parga to Tirana Today you enter Albania. Going through rural areas and stopping for lunch in the UNESCO world heritage town of Gjirokastra, it’s the perfect day to learn a bit about Albania’s culture. Once you enter the capital city of Tirana, you will be amazed at just how kind the people of Albania are.
    Day 6: Tirana to Budva You continue further north into Montenegro. The town Budva is the historic capital and is one of the oldest settlements on the Dalmation coast. The nightlife, the beaches, the old town; Budva really brings together all the best bits of the Balkans.
    Day 7: Budva to Dubrovnik to Split “On this day we venture to two absurdly idyllic towns. First we stop by Dubrovnik in Croatia. It’s a coastal town fortress; the pearl of the Adriatic, with its shimmering blue seas, simply stunning. We arrive mid-morning so you have time to take a swim, walk the walls and eat seafood. We then move onto Split where we will show you around the old city, and finish off the adventure with some excellent Dalmation food and nightlife. ”
    Day 8: Split Trek ends after breakfast.

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