Tor White. Global Creative Director STA Travel
Last year, STA Travel and Tourism Philippines embarked upon a pioneering new project. Philippines Unplugged would document the journey of British band Skinny Living as they traveled through the island province of Palawan. Raw, unscripted and all-access, this film series would show the beauty and honesty of the Philippines. The footage and photography would capture a world of authentic people and unfamiliar places; and the lyrics would tell their story, with Skinny Living writing an exclusive track for us on the road.

Here are our highlights from behind the cameras and the music. “Through each other’s eyes”

We’re never more alive then when we travel. And despite being far from home, sometimes we never feel so at home.

Part of our Philippines Unplugged adventure was for Skinny Living to write a song inspired by the country and their experiences, and for us to capture this creative journey for you in film. Travel for musicians is like creativity on steroids. We had a lot of jeepney rides, boat trips, sunrises, sunsets and beers to think about why.

A break from the routine


When you change up your daily routine, you rewire your thinking – you have new stimulus and can tap into different parts of your brain. Combine this with the sensory overload that is Asia, and what you have the is the ultimate hotbed for new ideas and ways of thinking.

New places = new music

When we travel we discover the sounds, rhythms and beats of different cultures. Our influences shift. This newness infuses with our own creativity and music…and magic happens.

Travel playlists

Not only do we pick up music as we go, travelling is the best time to listen… to share playlists, to sing along to Tu Pac at the back of a bus… We bond over beats and riffs and create new playlists out of old favourites. Playlists that become the soundtracks to our adventures. And we can tap into them when we return.

Check out the Philippines Unplugged here.

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