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Tour style – Culture & History

16 days

Rich in culture and history, brimming with delicious food, and populated by friendly locals (and not to mention many opportunities for a few Karaoke sessions) are only some of the reasons Hong Kong and China have become must-see destinations! In 15 days, travel from Hong Kong to Beijing and raft down meandering rivers, soak in mud baths in underground caves, make friends with resident pandas, traipse along the Great Wall of China as an orange sun sets in the distance, and pay a visit to a heartwarming orphanage – and that’s only the beginning. Get booking – it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made.
  • Day 1 Hong Kong

    On your first day you’ll meet your travel group and guide for a pre-departure briefing before opting to take a guided hike up Victoria Peak – the incredible views over the city and harbour below are definitely worth the walk. Next, catch the high speed rail link to Guangzhou and connect on to Yangshuo, where you’ll arrive later that evening.

  • Day 2-5 Yangshuo

    Yangshuo, one of the most popular backpacking destinations in China, is famed for its stunning karst scenery, and for good reason. See for yourself on an afternoon of rafting down the Li River on bamboo rafts while the sun sets over the karst peaks! After you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do. Mud baths in underground caves, a bike tour, rock climbing (without ropes!) along a river, or sampling snake liquor in various rooftop bars – it won’t be an average day in the slightest! And it’ll leave you suitably tired for your night train to Chengdu.

  • Day 6-7 Chengdu

    In Chengdu you’ll visit the world’s largest statue of Buddha at Lesha (trust us, it’s big) before dining on a traditional Sichuan hotpot, a bubbling broth in which you dip strips of meat – delicious. In the morning go visit some adorable pandas at the Panda Breeding Research Centre, just in time to see them dig into their breakfast. Prepare yourself for another night train to Xian with a relaxing massage from a blind masseur – your muscles will thank you in the morning.

  • Day 8 Xian

    You’re off to see one of Xian’s unmissable attractions today – the Terracotta Warriors, China’s Wonder of the Ancient World. In the evening, you’ll have a chance to help out at a soup kitchen for Xian’s homeless people.

  • Day 9 Xian

    Explore Xian’s Muslim quarter independently or take an amazing bike tour around the ancient city walls. In the evening you can see a fountain and light show being experiencing a night out on the town. And yes, it does involve Karaoke.

  • Day 10 The QingLing mountains

    In the morning, hop on a minibus that will take you deep into the heart of the QingLing mountains, stopping en route for a bit of tubing and sunbathing by the river. After arriving at your accommodation, settle in and then head out on a hike into the mountains to see a series of beautiful waterfalls. Spend the evening eating delicious organic food from the farm and sipping on cold Hans, the local beer, under the stars.

  • Day 11 Dengfeng

    Grab some breakfast at the hostel before boarding a train to Longmen and a bus to Dengfeng. In the afternoon, take a trip to a local market to pick up supplies for the orphanage you’ll be visiting later – you’ll make the kids’ days with anything from oil and rice to sweets and stationery. All the children are trained in Kung Fu so be prepared for a fantastic Kung Fu show before teaching them a few games yourself (dodgeball always goes down well) and helping them practice their English. You can even opt for a Kung Fu lesson yourself. You’ll most likely end up feeling inferior to the children’s skills but all the proceeds go to the orphanage so trying to learn with your two left feet will be worth it.

  • Day 12 Shaolin Temple

    Get up early for a visit to the beautiful Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Kung Fu, before boarding a night train to Beijing.

  • Day 13-16 Beijing / Hong Kong

    After a morning of lounging around the hostel in Beijing, it’s one of the tour’s highlights – the Great Wall of China! Head for a deserted section of the Wall (and have the place empty of any other tourists) and hike along as the sun sets. You’re lucky enough to be able to compare the sunset to the sunrise the next morning as you’ll be staying in a tent actually on the Wall! You’re then off for two days of exploring bustling Beijing! See the flag being raised, Chairman Mao’s embalmed body in Tiananmen Square, the fascinating Forbidden City, the 2008 Olympic Village, and the National Museum! And if you’re into trying regional delicacies, the food market sells everything from snake to scorpion. Yum (or not, as the case may be). Catch the world’s longest night train back to Guangzhou where you’ll be transferred on to your final two hour train to Hong Kong. Your epic 3,392 mile journey through China will be complete!

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