Today’s blog comes from Rebecca Whiteman, an STA Travel Student Ambassador and majoring in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University. She loves to swim, cook (eat), and travel. She also loves being out of her comfort zone while traveling because that’s when she has had the most memorable experiences!

As someone who has a nut allergy, I was pretty nervous about Thailand’s street food and the language barrier. My allergy isn’t severe, so I would be okay if I ate the wrong thing, but it definitely would put a damper on my trip. I still wanted to experience Thailand’s rich culture through food though! I definitely did not feel like I was missing out with all the nut-free food that I ate.

Red Chicken Curry

This curry was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. If you don’t like spicy food, beware! The spices that are used in Thai cooking can be really spicy but are extremely flavorful, and I had never tasted anything like it. Thai curries are usually made with coconut milk and served with rice, so they can absorb all the extra sauce and deliciousness! Also, red curries usually didn’t have nuts so I ate this a lot (no complaints here!)

Pad Thai

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try pad Thai myself because most of the pad Thai dishes had nuts in them. Pad Thai is a staple in Thai cooking and is usually made with chicken, shrimp, or tofu. All my friends said the pad Thai was delicious and could not stop eating it! I felt a little left out I couldn’t try it, but I was really happy with the curries and mango sticky rice!

Coconut Water and Green Coconut Curry

Coconut is a staple in lots of Thai cooking, but it’s also a refreshing drink! Coconut water is super yummy and it’s really fun to sip on one while wandering around the streets of Bangkok with your new travel buddies! Definitely try Green Coconut Curry if you get a chance, the sweetness of the coconut is so yummy with the green curry flavors. Green Coconut Curry is usually made with chicken.

Mango Sticky Rice

I originally thought that having rice for dessert wouldn’t be good at all, but mango sticky rice proved me wrong! Lots of sugar is cooked with the rice so it turns out to be sweeter than regular rice. The sweet sticky rice is then served with mango (one of Thailand’s staples) and makes for a delicious light dessert!

If you go to Thailand, I would definitely recommend doing a cooking class. Everything in Thailand is really cheap, so a top-notch cooking class doesn’t cost too much. You get to learn how to cook all the different kinds of food, and if you have a dietary restriction (like me), you can change the recipes a bit so you can eat them all!

Authored By Rebecca Whiteman – STA Travel Student Ambassador

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