It’s the new ‘rite of passage’ trip, travelling through Central and South America in your mid 20’s. It’s the place that many people are coming back from saying ‘they have learnt more about themselves on this particular trip than any other.’

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We’ve teamed up with two of our mates, Ed and Ant, from New Zealand, to document their journey through the culture and music of South America. Why? Because many ‘western’ musicians these days play with rhythms and styles that are influenced by South American music without listeners even recognizing. So the boys, pretty much want to educate us and show how music is done that ‘Latino’ way.

Here’s a little bit of background into who these boys are. Ant has been part of our STA Family for the last two years and working in our Wellington store. Ed has been travelling the world and selling jewellery. They both quit their jobs now to follow their dream of travelling and playing music to inspire people all around the world.

Oh, did we mention these boys are extremely talented? No? Oh, well we did now. They make John Mayer playing guitar look like an amateur. Check out this video of them just jamming on the beach in Brazil.

Follow their South America journey via our neon love child Backpacker By STA Travel.

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