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17 days

Imagine trying to cover ground across Russia far west to far east – a crazy thought, huh? The solution: Get on the Trans-Siberian with us and watch this epic land glide by through the window of a comfortable train. After visiting the historic sights of Moscow, take the train through the Ural Mountains (and cross into Asia!) to Yekaterinburg, before heading to the heart of Siberia in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Learn about Buryat culture in Ulan Ude before heading to the coast in Vladivostok. The whole trip covers 9,300km (5,778 mi) and crosses seven time zones. Whether you go in the summer or winter, this trip is the definition of epic.
  • Day 1 Moscow

    Arrive at any time.

  • Day 2 Moscow

    Enjoy a guided tour of the Kremlin and Armoury. Spend a free afternoon visiting St Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square or exploring the fascinating Moscow metro.

  • Day 3 Suzdal

    Board the local train in late morning. After a short 2 hour ride, arrive to Vladimir and drive the 30 mins to Suzdal, one of the bucolic villages in the Golden Ring. Known for its beautiful churches and quaint wooden houses, Suzdal has retained its rural charm.

  • Day 4 Suzdal/Trans-Ural Railway

    Enjoy a village tour around Suzdal visiting the main square and Kremlin. In the late afternoon, drive to back to Vladimir to board a 24-hour train to Yekaterinburg.

  • Days 5-6 Trans-Ural/Yekterinburg

    Enjoy a full day on the train crossing the Ural Mountains and the border between Europe and Asia. Arrive to Yekaterinburg in the evening on Day 5.

    On Day 6, explore the sights around Yekaterinburg, including the Church of All Saints and the Romanov Burial Site. Enjoy free time in this Soviet-style city before boarding the Trans-Siberian for Irkutsk in the evening.

  • Days 7-8 Trans-Siberian Railway

    Wake up to the rhythm of the Trans-Siberian Railway on Day 7. The ride is roughly 55 hours from Yekaterinburg to the Siberian town of Irkutsk.

    During the ride, watch the taiga forests glide by, play cards, read books and visit the dining car. Just settling in the journey is part of the fun.

    Your 4 bed compartment has room for luggage storage and a small table. Your CEO will help you read the train schedule (in cyrillic and operating on Moscow time no matter where in the vast country you are!) and let you know when you can hop off for some fresh air at a station. The platforms will house kiosks for stocking up on supplies and usually have some babushkas (Russian grandmothers) selling homemade food on the platforms.

    Take some time to explore the train as well- the dining car is usually lively (or at least comical!) and a great place to meet some friendly locals, grab a Baltika beer or a meal.

    Each carriage has a hot water boiler to use for tea, coffee, instant mashed potatoes, noodles, etc. There’s one attendant keeping the place clean and safe and one a toilet with sink. Don’t plan on a shower for a few days though usually there is at least one shower on board.

  • Day 9 Irkutsk/Listvyanka (1L,1D)

    Arrive in the morning to the Siberian gem of Irkutsk and drive to a small town on Lake Baikal, Listvyanka. Enjoy a homestay on the lake with the options to go for a boat ride (in summer), take a short hike or enjoy a true Russian experience, a banya (sauna). In winter, you may be able to try ice fishing.

    Our hosts in Listvyanka will take excellent care to welcome us into their charming home and provide excellent food typical of the region. We’re likely to sample the local fish from Lake Baikal as well as the ever-present potato.

  • Days 10-11 Irkutsk (1B)

    Drive back to Irkutsk (2 hrs by private van) for a walking tour of the city including a visit to the fascinating Decemberists Museum where you’ll learn about the revolution the city was built on. Enjoy free time exploring streets lined with wooden houses or haggling at the central market.

    Due to train schedules, we’re likely to board the 8.5 hr train to Ulan Ude late in the evening on Day 11 and arrive early in the morning on Day 12.

  • Days 12-13 Ulan Ude (1L)

    Arrive early to Ulan Ude, a city with the largest Buddhist population in the Russia. Here, learn about the indigenious people, the Buryats, and how they survive in such a harsh environment. Enjoy a local Buryat lunch.

  • Days 14-16 Trans-Siberian Railway/Vladivostok

    Board the last train of the trip very early and settle in for the 55 hour ride. Watch the scenery go by, practice your newly acquired Russian skills and relax to the rhythm of the train. Arrive in the evening on Day 16. Opt for a final dinner with the group to recount this truly epic journey.

  • Day 17 Vladivostok

    Depart at any time.

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