When it comes to Europe, we could write a list as long as a piece of string of delicious regional dishes to try. But frankly, we’ve got worldwide adventures to plan, so here’s just a little taster of some foodie sensations you’ll experience in some of our favorite European cities.

London, UK

Don’t be disheartened by the horror stories of solely brown food, soggy veggies and gravy on everything. The food in England is as diverse as its population, particularly in the larger cities. English folks are big on the artisan food markets which can cater to everyone from the vegan salad lover to the meaty pulled pork fan. But if it’s an old-school taste of the UK you’re after, join the locals for a pub garden Sunday roast or alternatively, hop on the train to colorful Brighton for fish and chips on the pier.

Paris, France

The French and the Italians are neck and neck for who is most passionate about their local cuisine. Traditional dishes vary from north, south, east and west. But what they do all have in common, is a magical place called ‘La Patisserie’, aka the shop full of intricately designed, sweet cakes and pastries. Whoever invented the pain au chocolat, the chocolate eclair and the pistachio macaron, we owe you so much.

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When in Spain, do as the Spanish do. Which we have no trouble obeying. Long social dinners al fresco surrounded by an assortment of incredible tapas dishes and a jug of Sangria? Sounds pretty good to us. We recommend being brave and trying it all! In Spain they have no problem with ordering more as you go. So start with a few small plates, a paella to share and order more if needs be.

Berlin, Germany

Edgy Berlin, the vegetarian capital of Europe, comes alive in the summer time with street food markets dotted all across the city and riverside. Grab a German craft beer, an often gigantic falafel wrap, a traditional currywurst for the non-veggies or another fancy fusion dish and take a look around at some of the ‘cool but we don’t care’ local crowd.

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The food here is as sleek and put together as its inhabitants. Expect artistically presented open sandwiches with the Dane’s favorite Nordic rye bread, seafood (pickled herring not for the on-the-fence fish eater, it WILL taste like the ocean) and a focus on locally sourced fresh, often foraged ingredients.

Amsterdam, Holland

Wandering along canals lined with beautiful tall townhouses and browsing floating flower markets. Sounds pretty perfect right? Well imagine that with a batch of fluffy, warm pancakes in your hand to munch along the way. The Dutch are all about the ‘Poffertjes’ served to go, drizzled with hot chocolate sauce or dusted with icing sugar (drooling).

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Rome, Italy

Oh Italy, where do we start? First off, let’s be real, you may put on a few pounds. Secondly you won’t care at all as you purchase your second gelato of the day and smile at it with pure adoration. You’ve got fresh pasta, thin and crispy pizza, cold smoky meats, mozzarella, tomato and basil salads, fresh lemonade and oh did we mention the gelato? You can’t go wrong in Italy, just look for a spot off the beaten track, most likely a little worn in decor but full of locals talking passionately.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Fast becoming the new European hotspot for its up and coming music scene, art and culture; the foodie vibe of Portugal’s capital is also taking off. If you’ve got a soft spot for the sweet stuff, the ‘Pasteis de Nata’ custard tarts are delicious, especially when washed down with a white Port cocktail (your new summer drink). For the seafood lovers, the traditional warm cod salad ‘Bacalhau’ is both comforting and flavorsome.

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Mykonos, Greece

With its dreamy climate, Greek food is all about the freshness of its ingredients. Juicy olives, Greek salads, barbecued catch of the day, moussaka and stuffed zucchini flowers dipped in tzatziki. Our mouth is watering just writing about it! What’s more? Eating overlooking the Mediterranean sunset is pretty much the norm in Mykonos.

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