Europe is a must for any Bucket List. The history, culture, food, music, and fashion alone are reasons enough to cross the pond and head to Europe. With so many countries and cities to visit, planning your first trip can be a little daunting to say the least, that’s why we made a list of the top Euro cities to visit for first timers. These cities are truly the perfect intro to Europe, read on peeps!

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  1. London – The perfect starter destination for Europe. They speak English, have an easy public transit system and a Royal Family, need we say more?
  2. Dublin – Another English-speaking city, Dublin will have you green with envy  for everything there is to do here. From the Guinness factory to Grafton Street, Dublin has it all.
  3. Paris – The city of lights will leave you feeling all sorts of romantical. Take a stroll down the Seine, head up the top of The Eiffel Tower or eat a baguette in Montmarte.
  4. Amsterdam – Art, music, nature, gardens and more. Amsterdam has something for every type of traveler.
  5. Barcelona – A great destination for someone wanting the best of both worlds – with it’s museums, shopping, culture and it’s lively beaches and nightclubs.
  6. Madrid – The capital of Spain is a great place to visit, explore and fall in love. Learn to dance Flamenco, sip sangria or explore the world-famous museums like the Prado.
  7. Florence –  Eat your way through Italy, starting here. Enjoy wine in the Tuscan hills, gelato next to the Duomo or pizza on the Ponte Vecchio.
  8. Rome – Life really is beautiful here. Step back in time as you visit the Colosseum or Roman Forum. Make sure you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and don’t forget to make a wish!


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