Meet Jasmin, an STA Travel Student Ambassador at the University of Central Florida. Connect with Jasmin on Instagram, Twitter and follow her on Snapchat @ thtsallfolks.

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A Bit About Me: My name is Jasmin, and I am a 22 year old who has been traveling since birth (born into a military family). I am currently a Marketing and Event Management Student at the University of Central Florida. In my spare time I enjoy performance art, movies, food, outdoor activities, working out and if you haven’t guessed it… travel! For the majority of my life I’ve been traveling with family, but there comes a time when you have to branch out on your own and this is mine. I made a promise to myself to get out into the world and have my own adventures in places I’ve never dreamed of being. Getting involved with STA Travel, learning all that there is to offer and helping others make their dream trips a reality is one of my first steps into following through with this promise.

Favorite Travel Destination: Washington

Dream Travel Destination: Australia and Indonesia

Hotel or Hostel? Hotel

Top Travel Tip: On weekend trips, to pack light so you can bring back MORE, when packing clothes pack only things that match each other so everything can be mix matched if weather switches up on you last minute and wear your jackets through security. Also start a list of everything you might need a week before you pack so you don’t forget things.

The STA Travel Student Ambassador Program is made up of a variety of students based around the United States. Each of these students will be bringing you the latest and greatest opportunities to get involved in everything travel. From photos, videos and stories to finding out the hottest trending destinations, party places and chill out spaces, watch out for them on campus for some serious travel inspiration!

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