Surfing is one of those iconic Aussie scenes — catching a bright blue wave on an epic beach, sun high in the sky and looking oh so gnarly on a board. You can’t go to New South Wales, Australia and not give it a go. You just can’t, okay?!

If you’re a bit of a newbie when it comes to hitting the waves, then you should definitely think about a couple of surf lessons. You’ll gain confidence in the water and make loads of friends at the same time!

Byron Bay

But where’s the best place to learn how to surf? Australia’s a big place, and you’ve got some of the best beaches in the world on your doorstep. However, Byron Bay, New South Wales makes for an awesome place to learn. It’s exactly how you imagine Australia to be with chilled out vibes, great surf, gorgeous beaches and a buzzing night life. There are loads of fantastic surf companies situated in Byron but Mojo Surf is worth checking out. They give a great intro to the sport and you’ll end up feeling like a legend, even if you don’t quite look like one!

A Day Surfing with Mojo

You’ll be picked up from your hostel and the friendly surf instructors will make you feel welcome right away. The step by step lessons will get you comfortable with the weight and feel of the board, help you discover the art of balancing (it’s a fine art) and get you riding the waves. Although, that’s easier said than done! Don’t worry, though, because the instructors are encouraging all the way and one of them is always in the water with you, guiding you with each swell. You can’t help but feel envious as they skillfully grab a wave or two in demonstration. You may find yourself watching in awe, wishing you could be that cool. One step at a time

The lessons are ideal for those who’ve never surfed before, as you can share a few laughs with other travelers. There’s a great bond in the group, and everyone cheers when you finally manage to ride a wave! And if you’re like me, you’ll spend most of the time looking like a seal on a surf board, but chances are someone else will be too. After a hard day’s surfing, you’ll head back together to chill out at Art House or Nomads hostel in Byron, for BBQ food and a few cold beers.

If you’ve surfed before and have a little more skill, Mojo Surf offers more advanced classes, so there’s something for everyone along with a photographer out with you all day capturing the experience – let’s face it, a shot of you actually standing on a surf board should be kept forever as it’s pure gold!

So get your wetsuit on and your surfboard ready because everybody loves surfing, surfing Byron Baaay!

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