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Tour style – Wildlife & Nature

21 days

Take this pioneering exhibition through the rugged country of Ethiopia for 21 days and you won’t regret it for a second! You’ll stand in awe of the magnificent churches of Lalibela and the beautiful monasteries of Lake Tana. Pay a visit to the rushing Blue Nile Falls, go trekking in the rugged Simien Mountains (home to the extraordinary Gelada baboon so keep your eyes peeled!) and end it all in the capital of Addis Ababa. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason not to go.
  • Day 1-2 Gondar

    Begin your adventure in historic Gondar where you’ll take a tour of the ancient castles and explore its historical bath complexes.

  • Day 3-6 Simien Mountains

    Head out on a trek in the stunningly beautiful Simien Mountains where you’ll find huge volcanic cones jutting up from the plateau. Whilst you’re here, keep your eyes peeled for the Gelada baboon, klipspringers and the endangered Simien fox!

  • Day 7-9 Axum

    Get a taste for African culture in Axum, Ethiopia’s oldest city. Discover the historic temples and Church of St Mary of Zion.

  • Day 10-14 Lalibela

    Today, you’ll be whisked to Mekele for the chance to explore the intriguing rock-hewn churches of Tigray before continuing on to historical Lalibela, wild camping along the way. In Lalibela, discover
    its mystery on a guided tour of the stunning rock churches and monastery before visiting some smiling faces at a local school.

  • Day 15-17 Bahir Dar

    Kick back and relax on the shimmering shores of Lake Tana. Chill-out on a boat trip to the beautifully-painted monasteries then whip your
    camera out for some perfect shots of the stunning Blue Nile Falls.

  • Day 18-21 Addis Ababa

    Travelling through the Blue Nile Gorge, finish up exploring the delights of the Mercato and enjoying some local food and music!

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