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Tour style – Wildlife & Nature, Culture & History

15 days

This grand tour of the eastern US and Canada is a sensory overload of everything that makes North America great—skyscrapers, monuments, Niagara Falls, ice cream, canoeing, poutine, subways, whales, sunshine, designer boutiques and nature hikes. On this adventure, we’ll ditch the big, clunky buses and pile small groups into private vans, clocking miles of smiles all over New York, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Vermont and all points in between. Your friends are already jealous.
  • Day 1 New York City

    Arrive to our joining hostel at any time. Welcome meeting at 7:30pm.

    From the Statue of Liberty to Ground Zero to Chinatown, New York City is full of things to do and see. We recommend spending extra time here; please speak to your sales agent to book extra accommodation.

  • Day 2-3 Philadelphia/Washington DC (1B,2D)

    Dive into the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple on a brief orientation to the city with your CEO. Discover the path of American History in Philadelphia. Visit Independence Hall and explore the facts and myth surrounding the Liberty Bell, the symbol of freedom. Then continue on to Washington DC, the capital of the United States.

    Approximate Distance to Washington DC: 340 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 6 hrs (including stops in Philadelphia)

  • Day 4-5 Allegheny National Forest/Niagara Falls (2B,2L,2D)

    Today is all about the Capitol of the United States. There is so much to see and do in Washington DC that you can’t see it all in one day. Take your time as you spend a full day exploring this fascinating city. Tour the National Monuments and Memorials including the White House, Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Memorial. Visit the National Mall that includes 15 museums such as the Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of Natural History. After the sun set over Washington DC experience a truly magnificent night as the Monuments illuminate over the National Mall.

    Estimated travel time around the city: 2 hrs.

  • Day 6 Toronto (1B)

    It is time to leave the city behind and get back to nature. Visit the Allegheny National Forest in McKean County, enjoy the great outdoors while driving through the Allegheny National Forest in northwestern Pennsylvania. This scenic drive hugs the shoreline of the mighty Allegheny Reservoir and provides stunning vistas and recreational opportunities.

    Approximate Distance: 450 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 7 hrs (including stops)

  • Day 7-8 Algonquin Provincial Park (2B,2L,2D)

    An exciting adventure awaits you in Niagara Falls that will last a lifetime. Feel the rushing waters of the falls by taking the famous “Maid of the Mist” boat tour. Optional, dive into a world of discovery at the Cave of the Winds and get soaked! Stay until darkness settles over the falls and witness when the Falls are illuminated in a rainbow of color!. Hit the casino if you’re feeling lucky.

    Approximate Distance: 200 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 4 hrs (including stops)

  • Day 9-10 Montreal (1B)

    In the morning, leave for Toronto and enjoy an orientation to this fantastic city with your CEO, touching upon a few of the busier parts of town and pointing out major attractions.

    Opt to shop on Yonge Street, peek into Union Station, go up the CN Tower or visit the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    The CN Tower is Canada’s most recognizable icon. At a height of 553.33m (1,815 ft., 5 inches), it is Canada’s National Tower, the western hemisphere’s tallest free-standing structure, an important telecommunications hub, and the centre of tourism in Toronto.

    If you’ve got time, stop by Base Camp, G Adventures’ head office, located in downtown Toronto.

    Our campsite for the night is located outside of the city.

    Approximate Distance: 130 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 6 hrs (including stops)

  • Day 11 Boston (1L)

    Algonquin Provincial Park is located about 300 km’s north of Toronto, Ontario, & 400 km’s north of Montreal, Quebec. It is the province’s largest park. In addition, Algonquin Park is the oldest Park of Ontario and one of Canada’s best known. To many Canadians, Algonquin, with its lush maple and fir woods, sparkling lakes, and plentiful wildlife, is as familiar a symbol of Canada as is Niagara Falls. Algonquin was Founded in 1893, offers 7,725 sq km of semi-wilderness, complete with forests, hundreds of lakes, and rivers. It is 1.5 times larger than Prince Edward Island, 1/4 the size of Hawaii, the same size as Wales, 3 times larger than Luxembourg, and 7 times larger than Hong Kong. Within the borders of the park, moose, deer, beaver, hawks, eagles, bears and even sightings of wolves are possible. Enjoy this amazing park on the many trails and lakes located within the park limits. Rent a canoe or set off for a hike; enjoy spending a couple of nights in Canadian wilderness.

    Approximate Distance: 307 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 7 hrs (including stops)

  • Day 12-13 Cape Cod (1B,1L,2D)

    Enjoy a lunch in Canada’s capital en route to Montreal. Bienvenue à Montreal! Now that’s hospitality with a distinctly French flavor – and what could be more appropriate for the second largest French-speaking metropolis in the world? But French is only one of 35 or so languages you will hear on the streets of this international island city of 1.6 million inhabitants (more than 3.6 million if you include the suburban neighborhoods).

    Characteristically, there’is the famous joie de vivre – the ineffable combination of spirit and ambiance Montrealers exude without even trying. You will see it in the summertime cappuccino-sippers cramming sidewalk cafes; in the long lines outside Schwartz’s , home to the city’s best smoked meat; and in the lovers holding hands on Mount Royal , the city’s parkland mountain rising 264 meters (866 feet). What makes Montreal one of the world’s truly great cities? It starts with its location. The island sits at the confluence of three rivers: the mighty St. Lawrence, the Rivière des Prairies and the Ottawa. Montrealers describe their streets as going north-south and east-west, but the island itself is askew, tilted to the northeast. All this and more is waiting for you to explor.

    Day 10 is a free day to enjoy the city on your own. Popular optional activities are cycling, jet boats and the famous theme park La Ronde (Six Flags).

    For our two nights in Montreal, we stay close to the action in a simple hotel in the city centre.

    Approximate Distance to Montreal: 450 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 8 hrs (including stops in Ottawa)

  • Day 14 New York City (1B)

    Transfer to Boston, enjoy a brief orientation walk around some of the city’s famous sites. Explore the Freedom Trail, a 2.5 mile red-brick walking trail to discover the history of America’s Revolution and visit the many historical sites that lead up to the Independence from Britain.

    We will be staying in a hotel for our night in Boston.

    Approximate Distance to Boston: 490 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 8 hrs (including stops)

  • Day 15 New York City

    Take the morning to explore more of Boston; opt to walk around the Cambridge area and Harvard University campus. Then head to Cape Cod to set up camp. The beach is just a short 20 min walk away, a great spot to catch the sunset. Hang out and relax or take an optional whale watching tour.

    Approximate Distance: 166 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 4 hrs (including stops)

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