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Tour style – Wildlife & Nature, Culture & History

26 days

From Istanbul to Ashgabat, you’ll explore ancient cities and cosmopolitan capitals, soaking up the rich culture along the way! Stroll amongst the eerie lunar landscapes of Cappadocia, experience the legendary Georgian hospitality in local homestays and cross the Caspian Sea to discover Turkmenistan and Ashgabat. It’ll be a fascinating history lesson with no books necessary!
  • Day 1-4 Istanbul / Cappadocia

    Kick off your trip in Istanbul where you’ll get to explore the city before heading off to Goreme. Cappadocia is your next stop, so grab your camera and head off into the eerie lunar-like formations.

  • Day 5-12 Sumela / Gori / Tbilisi

    Head to Sumela this morning, famous for its Black Sea mountain monastery. Take a guided tour of Gori including the Stalin Museum, before you’re welcomed by the stunning mountain scenery of Tbilisi.

  • Day 13-14 Telavi

    Drive to the Alazani Valley and on to Telavi, your base for the next two days. Weave your way around the churches and vineyards in Georgia, stopping for a fine vino or two at one of the many wineries. Fingers crossed, you’ll see wine being made whilst you’re here!

  • Day 15-16 Sheki

    Next stop, Azerbaijan. Visit the beautiful Khan’s Palace and brush up on your historical knowledge at the Museum of History.

  • Day 17-21 Gobustan / Baku / Caspian Sea

    Take a trip to see the Rock art and mud volcanoes of Gobustan before setting sail across the Caspian Sea.

  • Day 22-26 Turkmenbashi / Ashgabat

    Welcome to Turkmenistan! Explore Turkmenbashi before heading to the spectacular Kow Ata underground lake, naturally heated to 36
    degrees! Finish up in the bizarre capital of Ashgabat and head to the famous Sunday market which stretches far and wide into the desert.

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