WOOHOO! You’re going FREAKING traveling. But before you start typing that smug Facebook status, telling everyone how you’re “feeling blessed”, take a deep breath, and follow these words of wisdom. We promise we’ll try not to sound like your mom.

1. Do what Beyoncé would do: Check On It.

beyonce check on it
Listen to Queen B, she is most wise and beautiful. Check on it. Check your itinerary. Check your name is spelled correctly. Check your dates are correct. Check the destinations are correct. Check in online for your flight. Check everything. Check. Check. Check.

2. Research like a boss.

We’re going to take a moment here to quote Yoda (stay with us) “Ready are you? What know you of ready?” Don’t just show up and hope for the best. Think about where you are going and read up on EVERYTHING. Do you need a visa? Do you need any vaccinations? What is the weather like that time of year? What are you doing about money? Do you have insurance? Research, research, research.

3. Pack it up, pack it in.

Sorry, but those BaByliss PRO perfect flat irons and giant bottle of fake tan need to stay at home. Embrace the beach hair and pack accordingly people! But you’ve already followed step one, and checked your baggage allowance for EACH flight, so you’re already winning.

4. #OMGimgoingtraveling

OK now is the time to write your smug Facebook status. GET SOCIAL, rub it in all of your friends’ faces. We give you permission. And don’t forget to tell us! Seeing your excitable “just booked” faces makes our Monday morning commute bearable. @STATravelCares, @statravelUS (in case you had forgotten).

5. Have the best time ever, EVER.

Simple as that. You’ve done the prep work, so relax and enjoy. Have fun and make the most of every single second. Create memories all over the world and OF COURSE share them with us using #starttheadventure.

Need us on the road? We never leave a traveler behind. Reach us 24/7 @STATravelCares. What now? Anything.

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