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Tour style – Wildlife & Nature

3 days

The Amazon epitomises the exotic – it immediately brings up images of dense rainforest and abundant wildlife. Spend your days walking past gigantic trees, lazing in swaying hammocks and travelling upriver past fantastic fauna and flora – keep an eye out for birds weaving their nests in the treetops, parrots and tucans squawking in the wind and white caiman and turtles basking in the sun on the muddy shores. The forest forms the basis of the Amazonian people’s livelihood and you’ll have a chance to learn all about their traditional methods of farming – you’ll even be introduced to produce you’ve never heard of! It’s three days of getting lost in nature – the cacophony of real life will never feel so far away.
  • Day 1Tambopata Reserve

    Your guide will meet you at the airport and take you to Puerto Maldonado to get registration out of the way. Take an hour car drive along a dirt road to Puerto Nuevo in the Native Community of Infierno – traditional banana, citrus fruit, and cattle farms, trickling streams and lush forests will all whiz past. Next, it’s on a boat to Tambopata river to reach Inotawa lodge – don’t worry about your grumbling stomachs as you’ll be served a delicious lunch on the way. Once at the lodge, your guide will help you get your bearings and then it’s off on a walk to traipse through the beautiful surrounding areas – as dawn approaches the area will come alive with spiders, frogs and nocturnal monkeys!

  • Day 2 Collpa la Torre

    It’s an early start with a 5am boat ride to observe birds at the nearby clay lick – the place abounds with macaws, parrots and parakeets but keep your eyes on the ground for deer, capybara and squirrels! At the La Torre clay lick, you’ll be able to hide out and observe the wildlife go about their day. After, learn all about different farming techniques from a local and be introduced to fruit you’ve never even heard of- Pijuayo and Yuca anyone? Return to Inotawa for lunch then travel downriver to start on a 45 minute walk to Tres Chimbadas Lake. Float through the rainforest on a traditional catamaran and take in the sights of herons, kingfishers and even adorable river otters! Not to mention a chance to see the slightly less adorable, but nonetheless famous, piranha fish with a demonstration of traditional fishing methods.

  • Day 3 Puerto Maldonado

    After an early breakfast, return to Puerto Maldonado before leaving for the airport, where your guide will help you return to Lima or Cusco. It’s back to reality!

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