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Tour style – Chill out & Beach, Culture & History, Active & Adrenaline, Festivals & Events

1 days

An ideal package for those who want to go to war, armed with tomatoes but haven’t the time to hang around! This lightning strike means you can get the main event and move on – ideal for those on the move on the Busabout network.
  • Itinerary

    Bring on the madness that is La Tomatina! An early shuttle from Valencia to Buñol where the fight takes place. Sit back and relax while your Guide explains the origins of this crazy festival. We’ll arrive in Buñol in good time for the fiesta so you can immerse yourself in the party atmosphere and find the best vantage point! Watch the locals and tourists alike scramble up the greasy pole, trying their best to reach the jamon serrano (ham placed at the top of the pole), a much sort after prize, however it’s not been reached for a few years!
    Let the fight start! Dump trucks enter the narrow streets dropping off thousands of overripe, big fat and juicy tomatoes, perfect for throwing at each other. The Tomato fight lasts for an hour leaving a new shade of red to the town. Cleaning trucks roll into town to clean everyone and everything down. Use the facilities provided by the trucks or head down to the river and use the shower/water taps provided there. Locals also get on-board pulling out their hoses cleaning festival goers as they pass by. Once you are cleaned off, head on back to the coach and get changed into your fresh, clean clothes. We board the coach back to our hotel in Valencia for a well earned siesta!
    Later you have the choice to jump on a free shuttle to the America’s Cup port or hit the beach. Tonight your Guide will take you out for a night on the town! It’ll be a huge night visiting great local bars and you’ll finish your La Tomatina Festival experience partying the night away till the sun comes up

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