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Astronautalis has his Britain swagger ready to cross the pond and land in the U.K., but what he’ll be doing while he’s there is still a mystery – well, outside of his concerts anyway. He still needs help to determine what shenanigans he’ll get into while in Great Britain and this is the last week for you to voice your pick!

To ensure Astronautalis really gets beneath the skin of Britain – and we mean Britain, not just London – we’ve conjured up three perfectly British challenges, and you get to cast a vote for the one we film him doing in Britain alongside Aussie reality TV starlet, Tully Smyth.

You can choose to have him test his athletic ability at a Liverpool Football Club, send him careening above the Wales Snowdonia National Park strapped to a zip line, or have him play captain on a boat in Manchester. Whatever you choose will make for interesting TV. His whole journey will get filmed and air on a YouTube mini-series that aims to showcase the unexpected and exciting side of Britain in September.

And the best bit about our ‘WildCard’ challenge is that  anyone who votes has a chance to win a pair of BEATS™ headphones. Enter here.

To help photograph every moment along the way, we’ve enlisted the help of Our Wild Abandon. You might remember the photo-obsessed duo from their adventures in Rome. Best friends, Jill and Kyla, will tag along on this epic U.K. journey to snap all the candid moments along the way. You can follow them on Twitter @ourwildabandon and Instagram @ourwildabandon to get a preview of their snaps.

If you’re still a bit hesitant to enter, we’re here to ask why the hell are you hesitant? It costs nothing to enter and you get a chance to win some sweet Beats™. There are more offers to come in September, so this is just the beginning of our U.K. adventure.

Check out Astronautalis’ video for his take on this ‘WildCard’ journey with STA Travel.

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To read the full terms and conditions of the ‘WildCard’ competition, please click here.

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