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Tour style – Local Living, Culture & History

5 days

For ages, the Masai people of East Africa have preserved an authentic way of life that includes training warriors, communicating with wild animals across the plains and developing native medicines. Now it’s your turn to get a taste of this unique lifestyle. This short, five-day trip takes a dive right into the daily life of the Masai, where you’ll learn how to make traditional beaded jewelry, milk cows, throw a spear and identify different animal tracks. You’ll get a firsthand look at bush survival skills as you live with the Masai people in their village, learn the beliefs of the Masai and enjoy a ceremony on your final night to cap off your experience.
  • Day 1 Nairobi

    Arrive to Nairobi and make your way to the joining hotel. Attend a pre-departure group meeting with your CEO scheduled for the evening.

  • Day 2 Maji Moto/Masai Village (1B,1L,1D)

    Transfer to a Masai camp at the foot of Loita Hills. Get to know your Masai hosts and spend the afternoon with the women, learning about their traditional beadwork, cooking, and day-to-day responsibilities. Visit a local school after hours to learn about the education system and how education is being integrated into traditional cultural practices.

    The village we are staying in is approximately 1.5 hours from the Masai Mara National Reserve. The reserve and other nearby conservancies are unfenced, meaning that the village’s land is in the path of the animal migration. There are fences around the community for protection, and the Masai people have learned the best methods of safety and protection on the savannah from years and years of living on the land. While the included activities focus mostly on cultural interaction and learning about the land, many animals share the land with the Masai people, and it is possible that you will see zebra, gazelle, monkeys and sometimes even ostrich or giraffe. You can opt to do a game drive during your free time in the evening.

    Your accommodation will be in tents while you are in the village. Sleeping mats and bedding are provided. There is limited space available in traditional manyattas (mud huts) that can be booked in advance as an upgrade for the two nights spent in the community. Thanks to a nearby hot spring, a warm shower is only a bucket away and available in the private outdoor shower. There are also sinks and toilets on site.

    Meals provided are a mixture of Western and African cuisine prepared with locally grown food when available.

    Approximate Distance: 175 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 4 hrs

  • Day 3 Warrior Training/Bush Camping (1B,1L,1D)

    Set off for an overnight bush survival trip. Learn about plants and animals in the bush, practice throwing a spear, and learn to light a fire without matches. Overnight in the bush under the stars with local Masai warriors watching over the camp for any unwelcome guests as you hear the distant sounds of wildlife during the night.

    You will need to bring a daypack with personal gear, but all equipment will be carried by porters and your local guides.

  • Day 4 Maji Moto/Masai Village (1B,1L,1D)

    Return to the village by foot, learning more about survival in the African bush along the way. Enjoy a traditional ceremony at night and be sure to sample the local brew – honey beer. An evening of dancing and celebration will cap off your final night of learning the ways of the Masai people.

    If you have pre purchased the traditional manyattas (mud huts), second night on Day 4.

  • Day 5 Nairobi (1B,1L)

    Spend the morning at the camp, then transfer back to Nairobi where the trip finishes upon arrival in the early evening.

    Approximate Distance: 175 km
    Estimated Travel Time: 4 hrs

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