In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, it is safe to say more and more of the travel inspo we get comes from online platforms rather than old school brochures. Be it dreamy locations shot using drones or GoPros, the travelling game has become more aesthetic and visual – enabling us at home to dream, escape and plan our next destinations through others’ trips!

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One of these dreamy locations is the Philippines. With a choice of 7,000 islands to visit, beautiful beaches, hikes and landscapes, it is a destination that has something for everyone with many ‘Insta worthy’ settings. I decided to catch up with one of STA Travel’s most reblogged Instagrammer with over 30k followers Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond), who is currently travelling around this wonderful bucket-list country with his girlfriend Sophia, and who’s content has really convinced me that life really must be ‘more fun in the Philippines’…

What inspired you to take a trip to the Philippines?

As you mentioned earlier, an increasing number of us are inspired to travel through the medium of social platforms. For me, Instagram was the main source of inspiration. So many incredible photos were being shared from the Philippines towards the end of last year, and from that I knew I had to make it my first trip of the new year.

The two hour ride here was totally worth it ✨

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How long is your trip there and have you planned an itinerary? If so, what places are you hitting up?

Our trip to the Philippines will last a month in total, and as per usual with other countries I’ve travelled to, has a pretty well structured itinerary. Already three weeks in to our adventure, we have visited Manila, Banaue, Batad, Cebu and Bohol. Having just arrived in Coron, we still have El Nido and Port Barton firmly in our sights!

It’s Q&A time! I’ve got nine whole hours to kill on this bus journey, so ask me anything in the comments below

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So far, what have you found is the best thing about the culture in the Philippines?

In my opinion, the best thing about Filipino culture is the hospitality shown by the people. They are more often than not willing to go well out of their way to help you, and are so so relaxed (my kind of people!).

What has been your favourite place to shoot/see (so far)?

That’s a tough question as the country is so photogenic in all the areas I’ve visited. If I had to choose one, it’d be Coron. We were greeted with the clearest skies and water thoroughrout, alongside towering karst peaks and (if you wake up early enough), few other tourists.

Would you believe me if I told you the water is truly this blue?

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Sunrise is the best time of day; discuss ☀️

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Any recommendations for future travellers going there? 

Firstly, book your flights, and, where possible, hotels in advance. I’ve often found that booking last minute internal flights here can be quite costly, with the more affordable hostel/hotel rooms selling out quickly. Secondly, though I’d recommend experiencing tricycle/jeepney rides, you should get yourself a motorbike at least once. It’s a great way to explore new places with the freedom to take any route you like.

I guess we could get used to island life

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