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Tour style – Culture & History

18 days

China is an incredible travelling destination and by the end of these 18 days, you’ll know exactly why. Walk amongst the stunning karst peaks in Yangshuo, see the incredible Terracotta Warriors and even camp on the Great Wall of China! You’ll be charmed by bustling Beijing and will fall in love with Hangzhou, one of China’s most beautiful cities. And Shanghai? There’s nothing like it! Get ready for an adventure.
  • Day 1 Shanghai

    After a brief welcome meeting in the hostel reception, hop on a night train to Guilin early afternoon.

  • Day 2-5 Guilin / Yangshuo

    Once in Guilin transfer straight to Yangshuo. It’s famed for its stunning karst scenery so your first activity will give you a taste of just how beautiful it is – grab a bamboo raft and float down the Li River while the sun sets! Over the next three days you’ll be out and about doing everything imaginable. Go for mud baths in an underground cave, tour the area by bike, cooling off in some swimming spots, or sample snake liquor in various rooftop bars, to name a few. In the evening board a train to your next destination – Chengdu!

  • Day 6-7 Chengdu

    Once in Chengdu, visit the world’s largest statue of Buddha at Leshan (nothing will prepare you for the size) before tucking into a traditional Sichuan hotpot, a bubbling broth in which you dip strips of meat. The next morning you’ll pay a visit to the Panda Breeding Research Centre, arriving just in time to see them make eating breakfast look cute. Fit in a massage from a blind masseur before boarding a night train to Xian – your muscles will thank you in the morning.

  • Day 8-9 Xian

    You’ll witness an Ancient Wonder of the World today – the Terracotta Warriors Army and Horses, one of the most significant archaeological excavations of the 20th century. Finish the day off with a chance to help out at a soup kitchen for Xian’s homeless people. On Day 9, stroll around the Muslim quarter on a walking tour (and get a peek inside the Great Mosque!) then hop onto a bike for a ride around the ancient city walls at sunset. In the evening you’ll witness a fountain and light show before heading out on a night out on the town which will definitely involve KTV (that’s Karaoke to you) crawl. Prepare for a whole lot of drunken fun!

  • Day 10 The QingLing Mountains

    Next up is the QingLing mountains, stopping en route for a spot of tubing and sunbathing. After arriving at your accommodation stretch your stretch legs with a hike into the mountains to see rushing waterfalls. In the evening, dine on delicious organic food from the farm and relax with a local beer in hand.

  • Day 11 Dengfeng

    Grab some breakfast at the hostel before catching a train to Longmen and a bus to Dengfeng. In the afternoon, buy supplies for the orphanage you’ll be visiting later that evening – a little money goes a long way. They’ll put on a Kung Fu show and you, in return, can teach them some games (dodgeball is always a winner) and help them practice their English.

  • Day 12 Shaolin Temple

    Head on over to the home of Kung Fu, the Shaolin Temple and even squeeze in a lesson with a Kung Fu master. Put your fighting face on! Then, catch another night train to Beijing.

  • Day 13-15 Beijing

    After a morning of relaxing in the hostel, you’re off to one of China’s greatest attractions – The Great Wall! Hike along the wall as the sun sets then pitch your tents for a night of camping. It’s not often you can say you camped on one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world! Spend the next two days sightseeing around this fascinating city. See the flag raised, visit Chairman Mao’s embalmed body in Tiananmen Square, and stroll around the 2008 Olympic which hosts the iconic Bird’s Nest stadium, and that’s only a handful of the places available to explore! If you’re into eating foreign delicacies, food markets cook up everything from snake to scorpion, so take a bite.

  • Day 16-18 Hangzhou / Shanghai

    Your last two days are spent in Hangzhou, renowned as China’s most beautiful city. Visit the stunning West Lake, which this ancient local capital was built, before making your way back into the countryside to Moganshan, a bamboo nature reserve. Spend the afternoon swimming around the crystal clear mountain lagoons before heading to a mountain lodge for a BBQ and an overnight stay. The next morning, enjoy the fresh air on a hike to the peak of Moganshan mountain, passing by Chairman Mao’s former residence on the way, then travel back to Shanghai. The fun isn’t over yet though – the Drunken Dragon pub crawl will end your trip on a fun-filled night of debauchery, and that’s the way it should be.

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