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10 days

As a country, India is so vast that sometimes it takes a couple visits in order to see as much of it as possible. Knock the less-explored southern region of Karnataka off the list right away. Over ten days’ time, you’ll take the train from Goa to Kochi via Karnataka, and have the chance to see the breathtaking ruins of Hampi – a true highlight of the journey. Even more memorable moments await in Mysore and Bangalore as you explore opulent palaces and picturesque gardens. Hop on board and get ready for the ride of your life.
  • Day 1 Goa

    Arrive at any time.

  • Day 2 Goa

    Spend a free day relaxing on the beach or opt to visit the many Portuguese-built monuments, wander around the churches of Old Goa (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) or discover Panjim, the capital. Don’t forget to indulge in Goan cuisine.

  • Days 3-4 Hampi

    Travel by Visakhapatnam Howrah Express train and bus to reach Hampi, in the heart of Karnataka. Spend all of Day 4 on a walking tour and exploring the spectacular ruins of Hampi Palaces, Hararama Temple and the boulders on the river. In the evening, take an overnight Hampi Express train to Mysore.

  • Days 5-6 Mysore

    Arrive to Mysore and explore the Mysore Palace and Chamunda Hill. Spend Day 6 on a day trip to Srirangapatnam.

  • Days 7-8 Bangalore

    Take a morning Shatabdi Express train to Bangalore. Explore the Lal Bagh Gardens and Bangalore Palace. Spend Day 8 visiting Bangalore markets and Cubbon Park. In the evening, take an overnight Ernakulam SF Express train to Kochi.

  • Day 9 Kochi

    Explore the Fort Kochi area and see the Chinese fishing nets at work. If time allows, visit the Jewish area and synagogue, the Dutch Palace and Spice Market.

  • Day 10 Kochi

    Depart at any time.

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