Get into the spirit of this spook-tacular holiday with one of our frightening tours! Wander through the dark heart of Rome, celebrate the dead in the artistic heart of Mexico or stumble through 1888 London where Jack the Ripper stalked the streets and ladies of the night feared for their lives… Check out these eerie tours in some of the scariest cities in the world!

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Dark Heart of Rome: Fact, Legend & Mystery tour: Learn local legends, visit mysterious murder scenes and stumble across corners of the Rome most tourists never see. Visit Via Giulia, gape at Via del Governo Vecchio, creep through Castel Sant`Angelo and take a peek at Piazza Farnese – but above all, keep one eye out for ghosts!

Crypts & Catacombs – The underside of Rome: Delve deep into Rome’s underworld and discover the madness of millenniums past. Get a private viewing of the Cappuccini Crypt, creepily decorated with human bones and descend to the Domitilla Catacombs, an ancient Christian burial ground for slain martyrs of the ‘pagan cult’. Finally, see inside – and underneath – the sensational Church of San Clemente, built over a 4th Century church and a haunting Roman house.

Secret Venice by night & gondola ride: Escape the crowds of St. Marks’s Square with this original evening walking tour that explores Venice on the other side of the Grand Canal. Take an evening stroll past spooky Ca’Dario, the most cursed house in Venice and Fondameta degli Incurabli, the original ‘conservatory’ music hospital where monks raised orphans as world-famous performers. After a haunting walk, relax with an after dark gondola ride down the narrow canals.

Dark Heart of Paris: Experience a one of a kind walking tour of Paris and discover the dark and violent history that lurks beneath the city’s sparkling façade. Learn about Paris’ long history of torture and execution, from Henry VII’s many wives to the French Revolution and the reign of terror. See the Hotel de Concierge where Mari Antoinette was once imprisoned and the old Place du Greve where many were tortured and killed.


Jack The Ripper Murders walking tour: In 1888, London was subjected to a reign of terror by Jack the Ripper – a blood-crazed killer who stalked the streets, butchering the East End ladies of the night. Retrace his steps and visit the murder sites, such as Whitechapel’s Ten Bells pub, and put your super-sleuth skills to the test and try to solve the mystery!

Mexico Day of the Dead: With incredible ruins and fantastic landscapes, you don’t need to be Wednesday Addams to get into the macabre spirit one of the great festivals of the world. The Day of the Dead is both a celebration of ancestors and a huge party so if you’re culturally curious or slightly ghoulish, head to Oaxaca – Mexico’s artistic heartland – for a truly different perspective of the country.


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