So, we were pretty sure that Aussies spoke English. But, if this list is anything to go by, you’ll probably still need a bit of help understanding the lingo before you can nail it as a local.

Alternatively, you could just raise the end of every sentence to confusingly sound like a question and add an ‘o’ to everyone’s name. Standard.

The perfect place to stop for grog



Means – Beer
Use it – ‘ Oi Stevo, I’m gagging for an ice cold glass of grog.’


Means – Cheap wine, comes in a box
Use it – ‘I’m too skint to go out, grab the goon and lets head over to Shano’s place’


Means – The name given to a pick-up truck
Use it – ‘Oi Deano, chuck the goon in the back of the ute!’


Means – Flip flops
Use it – ‘I bought my nan some thongs for Christmas – she loved ’em eh!’

Of course, you'll need more than just thongs for a real Aussie adventure.


Means – An attractive person
Use it – ‘That guy over near the koala is a right spunk!’


Means – It’s a more polite way of insinuating the ‘F’ word and can be used in every sense of the word.
Use it – ‘The tire on my bike is rooted’ or ‘I couldn’t sleep last night because someone in my dorm was having a root’


Means – Means to brag or boast
Use it – ‘He’s such a big note!’


Means – Family
Use it – ‘Sorry I can’t come for a surf, got a Skype call with my relos…’


Means – Swim suit and swimming shorts
Use it – ‘Can’t wait to get my togs on and hit the surf’

Show off your togs


Means – Business
Use it – ‘Hey Sheila, mind your own bizzo!’


Means – A person that’s a bit scruffy and impolite
Use it – ‘Urgh, that guy weeing against that tree is such a bogan!’


Means – Lots or adds emphasis
Use it – ‘Wish we were back in Byron, I miss it heaps’


Means – Duvet cover
Use it – ‘Dude, you won’t need that duna in Queensland, it’s too flaming hot’

FAR too hot for a duna you dingo!


Means – Not such a hot dresser
Use it – ‘I wouldn’t be seen dead out in Sydney with you looking like such a dag’


Means – Condom
Use it – ‘Let’s fill these frangers up with water and use them as water bombs!’


Means – To kiss/get it on
Use it – ‘I’m dying to pash my diving instructor’


Means – To be very angry
Use it – ‘I’m absolutely spewin’ that I just dropped my goon all over the floor of my ute!’

Get it? Got it? Good. Now go practice…

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