What are you doing sitting at home dreaming about traveling somewhere far, far away?! It’s never too early to start planning your next summer getaway, and what better time to do so than when the weather outside is dreadful. To get you started, take a peek at some summer travel deals and alternative options that cater to your lifestyle.

Whether you want to backpack through Europe, take a cross country road trip, bum on the beach, trek through the outback, or stay with a local, we can help you build the perfect summer trip. We have cheap flights and tour packages at deep discounts. Let STA Travel help you plan your summer adventure!

Cultural Essentials

Live like a local. The tourist thing has been done and we get it, you’re over it. Don’t settle for what’s been seen. Seek out new adventures. Stay with a family for a glimpse at the true lifestyle of a Parisian in France, or embrace the nomadic life of Mongolian people. It’s all about the ride, right? Take in the sights. Your cultural adventure awaits.

Stay Local

Airfare tickets and campervan rentals still not in your budget? Dig out that ISIC card from your trip to Thailand and put it to good use! ISIC cards are valid for one year, so be sure to look into all the local discounts you are eligible for and plan your own Stay-Cation.

Rugged Expeditions

We’re not afraid to venture beyond the beaten path. And if you’re up for the challenge, we’ve got the deals to unique and unusual destinations. Take a rugged adventure and see if you can push your limits.

Beach Bum Getaways

Plant your toes in the sand at any one of these dream beach spots. These are a few of our favorite sandy getaways around the world. Whether you’re looking for some fun in the sun on the white sandy beaches of Mexico or an exotic adventure to the remote coastlines of Asia or the South Pacific, we have the perfect trip for you.

Modern Adventures

You have one life, so make it count. Take a few risks, without sacrificing your safety. Take a guided tour of London or see the wonders of the New York skyline. Whatever your fancy, don’t let fear stop you from discovering new things and every corner of the world.

NYC Livin’

Keen to stay local this summer, instead? Then immerse yourself in the energy and excitement of New York City with summer programs at Parsons School of Design and Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts. Dig deep into your creative practice, discover Greenwich Village from the perspective of the Beat poets, engage in cutting-edge collaboration and critical discourse all while earning college transfer credit that will enrich your undergraduate or graduate experience.

Responsible Travel

Volunteer trips are great way to spend the summer, and it’s no wonder why. Today’s students are seeking unique travel opportunities, and there is a growing focus on responsible travel. Living like a local, supporting a community’s local economy and participating in volunteer projects gives you not only a more authentic experience but a rewarding one as well. There are volunteer opportunities all over the world, so whether it’s tending to baby elephants at a sanctuary in Thailand, or working with kids in Cape Town, we can help you find the perfect project for you.

Parsons NYC Summer Programs

Spend your summer in New York City with Parsons summer programs that offer a range of creative subjects to study; from lighting design to design management to animation and photography. Enrich your undergraduate, graduate or career opportunities with one of numerous programs!

On the Road Again

If you don’t have the budget or a passport for international travel, we’ve still got you covered. Campervan rental is gaining in popularity, and summer makes for the perfect time to grab your friends, hop aboard, and set out to see the sights from the highway. The US is home to so many incredible sights and cities, see them all with your besties by your side in your own camper. Choose your route and check out the local music scene, museums and food trucks along the way.

Language Liberal Arts Intensives

Go deeper with your love of liberal arts and earn credits towards your degree in one of the summer intensive programs at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, a legendary hub for writers, scholars, and activists in downtown New York City. Spend summer with us and you could live your own Law & Order episode as you write about complex characters in “Criminal Minds in the City”; give new meaning to the term “mixology” in Robert “DJ Rob Swift” Aguilar’s “Hip-Hop in Practice and Play”; or go underground on film with “Documentary Realities.”

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