From caving to cycling here’s everything you need to know about Taupo (pronounced “toe-paw”).

Awaken Your Spirit

Firstly, Lake Taupo covers the majority of Taupo — it’s the size of Singapore! You can’t go to this town without having checked skydiving off your bucket list. Taupo is has the highest number of tandem skydives per year. The only way to take in the magnitude of the lake is from the sky, and for Lord of the Rings fans out there, you’ll see Mount Ngauruhoe (aka Mount Doom) on the way down.

Want to get out on the water? Take a cruise across Lake Taupo and spot hidden bays as you glide across crystal clear waters on your way out to the famous Maori Carvings at Mine Bay, a staggering ten meters high and only accessible by boat. Or, take a thrilling jet boat ride up the Waikato River to view the thundering, clear blue Huka Falls.

Escape the Ordinary

An hour’s drive from Lake Taupo, check out Waitomo Caves, an underground labyrinth of caves and rivers below rolling green hills. Gaze in silence as the glow-worms light the cave’s ceiling like stars. The atmosphere is magical and eerie at the same time. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an alien world. The tiny glow-worms that light your way are called Arachnocampa luminosa, and are completely unique to New Zealand.

Shake things up a bit and go black-water rafting (cave tubing). Kinda like white-water rafting but better! Over the three hours you’ll take leaps of faith off cascading waterfalls and float serenely down an underground river as you enjoy the glow-worm show on the limestone rocks above. You’ll then emerge into the sunlight of the Waitomo forest. It’s EPIC.

Fly High

Take in Lake Taupo’s full glory from the sky on a Heli adventure. See the lake from a unique perspective, fly over the Huka Falls, Waikato River, over Taupo Boat Harbour and the famous Maori Rock Carvings. You’ll fly over some of Lake Taupo’s most beautiful and secluded bays before heading back via the Craters of the Moon thermal area. It’s probably the best way to see Lake Taupo. Trust us.

Savor the Journey

Lake Taupo is renowned for some of the world’s greatest bike trails. They range from the easy to the extreme. Skirting the shore of New Zealand’s largest lake, the Great Lake Trail features lush forest and wetlands, waterfalls, hidden bays, beaches and iconic panoramic views from a series of lookouts. It’s part of the NZ Cycle Trail and is easily accessed from town.

Soak Up the Springs

The geothermal activity of Lake Taupo offers a couple of spots where you can have a soak and relax. Ideal after a day of mountain biking! The Taupo DeBretts Hot Springs are thermal mineral springs set amongst Taupo’s stunning bush scenery, with thermal outdoor pools, private pools and fresh water pools – a little something for everybody.

So why not dip your toe or paw into Taupo? See what we did there? Experience everything that Taupo has to offer with our cheap flights to New Zealand and live the Kiwi dream!

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