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Tour style – Local Living

14 days

Spend 2 or more weeks volunteering at local schools on the island of Zanzibar, helping teachers to organize educational games, arts and crafts activities and sports.
  • Introduction

    Based in a village on Zanzibar’s east coast, you’ll assist at one of the local schools, which are typically understaffed and underfunded. English language training provides a great benefit to many in the community – from students, their parents, to the teachers themselves – and although it’s not necessary, volunteers with TEFL qualifications are an asset!

  • Day 1 – Arrival to Zanzibar

    Zanzibar, `the spice island,` has an interesting culture and history as the centre of the slave and spice trades in the 1800s. Zanzibar is one of the most fascinating places in East Africa, and despite a heavy increase in tourism since the early 1990s still retains much of its authenticity. Thanks to an ambitious and far-reaching preservation programme funded by UNESCO and the Aga Khan Foundation, many famous old buildings have been restored, or are in the process of being renovated.

    You will be picked up from Stone Town Airport or Central Accommodation and transfer to Jambiani, approx. 1.5 hours outside Stonetown.

  • Day 2 to 13 – Volunteer with Community Projects in Zanzibar

    While in Zanzibar you will be volunteering at a variety of programmes in the village of Jambiani. Your days will be spent assisting teachers and students in local schools, and organizing sports activities for children and youth from the community. Please note that due to the short time volunteering, much of your time will be in an assisting role than a full-time one.

    Jambiani is located on the southern part of Zanzibar’s beautiful and quiet east coast. About an hour’s drive from Stone Town, Jambiani is a long village stretched along the coastline, with stunning white-sand beaches that seem to go on for miles. Here you will find a community operating at a leisurely pace amidst the warm and humid climate. Economic activities in the village include fishing, subsistence level farming, seaweed farming, and tourism, much of which only provides seasonal employment—unemployment levels in the area are very high.

    Here in Jambiani you will not only witness incredible sunrises and enjoy the warm waters, but more importantly gain a deep insight into life on the island. After your days work, relax on the white-sand beaches and cool off in the warm tropical waters of Jambiani.

    Programmes you may be volunteering with can include:

    Education and Community Programme:
    There is a great deal of opportunity for volunteers to assist students and teachers in local schools. The local government school in Jambiani has about 1300 students and on average, only 20% of the students pass their government exams. Those that continue their education past the age of 13 or 14 must attend a school outside of their village.

    Although English is widely spoken in areas frequented by tourists, a large percentage of Zanzibar’s population has limited English language skills. Schools are very appreciative of help from English-speakers in helping children master the language. Due to a lack of teachers with science and computer training, volunteer assistance in these areas is also needed.

    There are 4 preschools in Jambiani and time in each may be spent:
    – Teaching English to children and teachers through posters, pictures, games etc
    – Singing and dancing with children in English and local languages
    – Developing the childrens creative skills through crafts such as painting, drawing and colouring
    – Playing games with the children to aid in their physical and social development
    – General upkeep of the school to ensure it remains a suitable place in which to learn

    Primary and Secondary schools:
    Many of Zanzibar’s schools have facilities with very basic, if not ill-equipped facilities. This, combined with frequent staffing shortages, has forced many schools to have two separate learning sessions each day in an effort to accommodate the vast number of students eager to learn.

    Your time in the schools will be spent:
    – Coordinating extra English tutoring before and after classes for students and teachers
    – Organizing and coordinating sports afternoons with the students
    – Helping clean, maintain and improve the schools’ grounds and classrooms

    Relax in the evenings and weekends at the volunteer beach bungalows.

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