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Tour style – Sailing/Cruising, Chill out & Beach

2 days

New Zealand is undeniably beautiful and the Bay of Islands delivers nothing less than that. Spend two fantastic days enjoying everything these 150 undeveloped islands have to offer! Shooting competitions, fishing, night swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, and stunning walks – your days will be occupied by one thing: fun. And that’s how it should be. Get booking!
  • Day 1 Paihia Wharf / Bay of Islands

    Meet the crew at the Paihia Wharf, gateway to the magical Bay of Islands, and set off on your cruise. Have a friendly shooting competition with the other guests (there’s a prize!) or just kick back and enjoy the scenery – there’s a large chance you’ll catch sight of a Bottlenose dolphin or two. Go fishing in the evening then tuck into a delicious Kiwi BBQ dinner (it may even include your seafood catch if you’re lucky!). Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. Head out on a night kayak – streaking fight light up the water like tracer bullets! You can even go night swimming before getting back of the boat for a night full of laughs, good company, music, pool table competitions and drinking at the cosy bar. But don’t stay inside all night – you’ll miss wishing on a few shooting stars.

  • Day 2 Bay of Islands

    It may be a bit of a painful wake up call but don’t sleep through a Bay of Islands sunrise – it’s nothing short of spectacular. After a breakfast of hot oats, fruit, and cereal it’s time to explore the islands’ many historical and cultural sites and crystal clear lagoons. If the sea conditions are safe, snorkel around an outer island reef with fish so friendly that you can feed them from your hand! You’ll swim past rays, moray eels, octopus and crayfish before grabbing a kayak to paddle along remote coastline, giant sea caves and secluded beaches. Stroll around the island’s most scenic viewpoints and then head back to the boat, eating the tasty mussels and sea urchins you’ve collected throughout the day as you cruise home. You’ll arrive back at approximately 4pm where this tour sadly ends.

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