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Tour style – Rail Adventures

19 days

Go for a ‘full on’ adventure on this traditional winter Trans Siberian/Mongolian Experience. This is a Boots ‘n’ all trip for the hardiest of travellers, jump on the back of your sled and get mushing! Think snow, big furry Moscow hats, temperatures well below zero, oh and probably some vodka too! The Ruski Huski is a special winter itinerary that apart from the usual basics also includes some added value winter activities such as ice games and a Mongolian cookery class.
  • Day 1& -& Arrive St. Petersburg

    Let the journey begin!

  • Day 2& -& Explore the unimaginable treasure trove of sights St. Petersburg has to offer before boarding our overnight train to Moscow.

  • Day 3& -& Hello Moscow! Visit Moscow’s iconic Red Square and see St Basil’s Cathedral lit up like a fairytale in the snow

  • Day 4& -& Visit Moscow’s infamoous GUM Department Store it is architecturally stunning! Early afternoon we board our train to Siberia.

  • Day 5-7& -& Trans Siberian Railway

    meet your room mates, swap some stories and have a picnic in your cosy compartment.;

  • Day 8& -& Early morning arrival into Irkutsk and a short onward journey to Lake Baikal

    Fancy going for a hovercraft ride over the ice?l

  • Day 9& -& Lake Baikal

    Say hello to the huskies and marvel at the depth of the ice.

  • Day 10& -& Return to Irkutsk and early evening train to Ulaanbataar

  • Day 11& -& Trans Mongolian Railway

  • Day 12&

    Early morning arrival in Ulaanbataar – Explore Mongolia’s quirky capital.

  • Day 13& -& To& Terelj National Park& and Ger camp

    Hang out with some nomads and go tobogganing in the snow!

  • Day 12& -& Terelj National Park and Ger camp

    A magical morning awaits in the snow

  • Day 14& -& Terelj National Park and Ger Camp

    A magical morning awaits, why not enjoy a horse ride through the snow covered landscape?

  • Day 16& -& Ger camp and return to Ulaanbaatar.

  • Day 16& -& Morning departure to Beijing on the Trans Mongolian Railway

  • Day 17& -& Arrive in Beijing in the early afternoon and start exploring.

  • Day 18& -& Beijing

    Get lost in hutongs, take in the smells and sounds of traditional Beijing

  • Day 19& -& Beijing

    Your journey concludes.

  • Your honcho can organise these snowy winter activities and more…

  • Skijoring – Sounds crazy, maybe it is, or maybe it will be the highlight of your trip. It’s simple, just snap on a couple of skis, harness yourself to a few speedy dogs and yell out Davai! (Russian for “go”). Then hold on for your life as you carve across snowy Siberian fields at speeds very few have ever experienced. Sure beats a day at the office!

  • Ice skating, snowboarding, skiing & snowmobiling!

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