Traveling is about discovering the hidden gems of each and every city. Rome is one of the most historical and romantic destinations in the world, and it won’t leave you disappointed. Prepare yourself to fall in love with the Eternal City while wandering the cobblestone streets with mouthwatering gelato in hand. Here is a list of 6 things you absolutely must do when you visit Rome.

1. Explore Vatican City

Vatican City is among the most visited location in Rome due to its rich history and its incredible art collection. Therefore, it is recommended to arrive early to beat the crowds. St. Peter’s Basilica is opened to the public at 7am and offers free admission. In the basilica you will come across the world’s most famous art collection such as Michelangelo’s Pieta sculpture which is located on the right hand side of the entrance. Once you finish, visit the famous Vatican museums. These museums are closed on Sundays except for the last Sunday of each month which is open from 9am-12:30pm and offers free admission.

2. Tour the Colosseum

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Roman Colosseum. Avoid the crowds and purchase admission tickets online. If you are seeking to knock out two birds with one stone, purchase the combined ticket which grants you admission to both the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Wander around the ruins of the Roman Forum which once served as the public square for the Romans. Don’t hesitate to explore the surrounding area of the Colosseum, you might even come across the famous Arch of Constantine.

3. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is another famous attraction in Rome that is featured in various romantic movies. The fountain is filled by coins that hold the wishes of its many tourists. This attraction is surrounded by visitors during the day and night. Therefore, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to toss a coin into the fountain as there is a myth that if you throw a coin into the fountain with your right hand over your left shoulder you will one day return to the Eternal City.

4. Stumble upon the flea market of Trastevere

The Porta Portese Flea market is among one of the largest markets in Rome. This flea market runs through the neighborhood of Trastevere every Sunday morning. You can find anything from vintage items to brand new clothing at ridiculously low prices. Its fabulous finds attract many locals and tourists so be prepared to fight through the crowds.

5. Join a pub crawl

Pub crawls are events where both locals and tourists come together to visit several bars throughout the Eternal City for an irresistible low price. Tickets to pub crawls range anywhere from 15 to 20 euro. Pub crawls are a great way to dine, meet people, and experience Rome’s nightlife. A few of the recommended crawls would be the Colosseum Pub Crawl and the Spanish Steps Pub Crawl. Don’t miss out on the unique and vibrant way of getting to know Rome by night!

6. Eat GELATO!

Last but not least eat as much gelato as possible! Rome is filled with gelato shops and it’s known to be a gelato lover’s paradise. For inexpensive, incredibly delicious gelato try Gelateria Frigidarium! Who would have thought a few euros could buy happiness! So wander the cobblestone streets with mouthwatering gelato in hand and discover the city’s hidden gems.

With no doubt the Eternal city definitely deserves a place on your bucket list. What other things would you recommend experiencing while visiting this stunning destination? Share in the comments below!

Authored By Jamie Aguilar – STA Travel Student Ambassador

Jamie is an STA Travel Student Ambassador and majoring in Biological Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has a passion for traveling and discovering the hidden gems of each and every city. She has currently traveled to 15 countries and is eager to continue her journey abroad. Above all she is an adventurous life lover that is always finding the perks in everything.

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