Welcome to the nation of comfort foods. With the hearty Sunday roast, loyal Cornish pasty, messy desserts and posh afternoon tea, the Brits know a wholesome and heartfelt meal when they taste one. Loosen your belt, tuck into these and you’ll feel like a true BeefEater. It’s what the Queen would want.

1. Fish and Chips

What do you picture when you think of Great Britain? The Queen? Big Ben? Fish and Chips? Fresh meaty fish cooked in a crispy golden batter, with a side of fluffy chips served in newspaper, just perfection. Add your choice of mushy peas, ketchup, tartar sauce, vinegar, gravy or curry sauce (one for the northerners) and you’ll FINALLY see what the fuss is all about!

Where can I get some of my own?

Ossie’s Best Fish and Chips, 205 Tankerton Rd, Whitstable, Kent

2. Tea and Scones

Does it get more British than tea and scones? Delicious, buttery cakes with sweet pockets of raisins ideally smothered in cream and jam, scones are the quintessential British afternoon treat. Always to be accompanied with a hot cup of English Breakfast tea.

Where can I get some of my own?

Bea’s of Bloomsbury, 44 Theobalds Road, London

3. Toad in the Hole

Another absolutely stunning day in Devon today!

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Sausages (bangers!) baked in Yorkshire pudding batter, I mean come on, only in Great Britain! The origin of the name is a little unclear, but it’s meant to refer to the sausages peeking out like little toads through holes in the batter. Soaked in onion gravy, you just can’t beat it!

Where can I get some of my own?

The Lazy Toad Inn (in the name), Brampford Speke, Exeter, Devon

4. Welsh Cakes

When your Welsh friend makes you Welsh Cakes @elinniawilliams #welshcakes #welshie

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A little cake of joy. Welsh cakes are as you guessed, from Wales. Look a little like scones, brimming with fruit and dusted with caster sugar. Yet, unlike scones they aren’t usually served with an accompaniment – delicious just as they are!

Where can I get some of my own?

Cwmni Cacen Gri, Station Approach, Snowdonia National Park, Betws-y-Coed, Wales

5. Eton Mess

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It may sound like a mess but it’s far from it! The ingredients and method are pretty simple; mix together strawberries, broken meringue, heavy whipped cream. The story goes, that a cricket tea at posh Eton College in the 1800s, the school Labrador sat on the meringues intended for the pavlova. The cook mixed together the ingredients, served up them up anyway, and an accidental British classic was born!

Where can I get some of my own?

Franklins, 157 Lordship Lane, London

6. Sunday Roast

It’s all happening in the pass – Mothering Sunday in full swing!

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An absolute classic. If done well, probably the best thing you will eat in Britain – although everyone will argue their mom’s do it better! It’s the winning combination of roast meat, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, vegetables and gravy. Typically served on a Sunday, this hearty meal will have you feeling right at home.

Where can I get some of my own?

The Duck Inn, Stanhoe, Norfolk

7. Tablet

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Treat yourself to a Scottish tablet. A little bit like fudge, it’s a medium-hard sweet, made from sugar, butter, condensed milk which is bolied into a soft ball and then crystalized. Often flavoured with whisky or vanilla, take a square or two and enjoy with your feet up in front of the fire.

Where can I get some of my own?

The Fudge House of Edinburgh, Scotland

8. Scotch Eggs

Our Homemade Scotch Egg…our very own delicious version of the classic! #scotchegg #homemade #classic

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Okay hear us out, it’s tastier than it looks. Deep-fried, sausage-encased, soft-boiled eggs are probably just about the best things you’ll ever eat. Fortnum and Mason claimed to invent these little beauties in 1738 and are a must at any British picnic!

Where can I get some of my own?

The Trading House, 91 Gresham Street, London

9. Cornish Pasties

A freshly baked tray of cocktail vegetable pasties! #philps #bakery #pasty #cornwall #food #instafood #instadaily #baking

A post shared by Philp’s Famous Pasties (@philps_famous_pasties) on Apr 23, 2016 at 1:58am PDT

Flaky pastry and juicy meat parcels of pure delight. Originally made for the working class miners of Cornwall, the pastry folds over and is crimped along the edge which meant the miner’s lunch was portable. Say hello to the original packed lunch, they even had part-savoury, part-sweet pasty for dessert! You can’t go to Cornwall and not have one.

Where can I get some of my own?

Philps Pasties, Court Arcade, Wharf Road, St. Ives Cornwall

10. Steak and Ale Pie

Regram thanks to @jamiechancephotos. Such a great shot of our lovely beer garden

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It’s time to end this tasty list with the king of the north, the mighty Steak and Ale Pie. Crispy, flaky pastry with a filling of Guinness, meat and cheese – this wholesome and humble dish will keep your cockles warm all day long!

Where can I get some of my own?

The Lamb & Lion Inn, 2-4 High Petergate, York

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